Osaka 2007: Belarusians took everything they could?

At the World Championships in Athletics, held in the Japanese town of Osaka, Belarusian athletes podymali three times on the podium. Until all the laurels went to athletes representing power views. In the first day received a bronze medal shot putter Andrew Mihnevich. Right behind him the highest class of shot-confirmed Nadezhda Ostapchuk, who rose to the second stage. A higher credit on the 3rd World Championships in a row earned hammer thrower Ivan Tikhon.
Now, in the fifth day of the competition, the Belarusians were no medals.
Osaka 2007: championship disappointments?
Despite the fact that in the team standings medalevym Belarus team took 5th place, many believe today’s championship (used to Belarusian athletes and fans) "parade of disappointments."
First, did not confirm hopes experienced thrower Ira Yatchenko. For its best attempt only athlete finished tenth, not even hitting the eight finalists.
Showed no features former putter, Olympic Ioannina Korolchik mistress. After doping scandal and the next disqualification to get in shape, it seems, she did not succeed.
Almost a step away from the podium braked hammer thrower Vadim Dzevyatouski: long Time was in the top three favorites, but ultimately finished fourth, losing the bronze prizewinner of 3 centimeters. Yes triumphant Ivan Tikhon almost squeezed the finalists with the last result, and by the second sample was not even the winner. Only his last throw became "golden".
Ministry of Sports: took everything that had to take
Sports and Tourism Minister Alexander Grigorov in an interview with Radio Liberty said, what to do conclusions half way — in advance. A prosecution in the address individual athletes, he says, not "gave it" ignores:
"FIFA is also yet to come as distances. Well, I share impressions of Minsk What three medals, then you already know. They took that and had pick. Here, for example, what are you upset? And I will prakamentuyu. "
Reporter: "From Korolchik, certainly, more waiting"
"In Korolchik disqualification after the first such start. Next Who?"
Reporter: "Dzevyatouski same again …"
"What Dzevyatouski? 4th, so what? Could be a third, so that not Tikhon needed win? Who else is on? "
Reporter: "Yatchenko …"
"Well, so Yatchenko. What I I can tell. For her, it really does not show. But to me comment on something, I also need to talk with people. Do not look on TV and talk with them directly. Let’s have expected 4×400 meters and for Kravchenko, decathlete. Very nice young man. "
Why Nesterenko hiding?
Their impressions of the performance of the Belarusians in particular are unwilling to share and nedavneshnem active athletes. So, Olympic discus throw mistress Zvereva a request for clarification cause failures own employee Ira Yatchenko with which they stood on the podium one in Sydney, said that he would not open a discussion girlfriends:
"No, I’m sorry to this occasion norwhat to say I can not … "
Belarusian television sports commentator Alexander Putilo says that now when medals everyone in medalevym planning meant the Ministry of Sport and Tourism:
"As for the other positions, for example, Yanina Korolchik and then, at the last control in the start Stayki very bad pushes the nucleus. And yet, after returning to the sport, it is unlikely she could and had to go to the World Cup. If take a cross-country discipline, and Svetlana Vsovich and Ilona Vsovich very very look at the European level, were very good results, but on the other continent with high humidity, the heat from our girls are not controlled, and the advantage is obviously given to black athlete. What other prospects? Sure would be nice 4×100, 4×400 meters ladies. And, sure, you have to wait from Andrey Kravchenko of success, our decathletes. "
Belarusian fans had hoped to behold on television Olympic champion Yuliya Nesterenko. Hunting still find: sprynterki triumph in Athens — casual or natural? After winning four years reversing Nesterenko never never rose to the podium. Although the sample in the hot trail Nesterenko accused of doping did not bring fruit, but analysts say a period mezholimpiysky coach and husband of Yulia Nesterenko Dmitry decided to fence off the athlete from unnecessary communication. As we found out the other day championship Nesterenko asked "recuse" to prepare for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

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