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In these September days are in Belarus they say and write a lot about the problems of school: just started the new academic year. Own eyes on the current state of the Belarusian education system and in almost all the listeners of "Freedom".
From the 1st of letters on this topic and start the current conversation. Our friend Constantine wrote Syrel with Ushachi after, looked like a municipal television as President Lukashenko recently visited September 1, just built or renovated, equipped with quality schools. Student writes about what he saw:
"Our Alexander G. — fairy-old Santa Claus or Hottabych only beard is not enough. Where he will be there on all orders pike flourish. And where, pardon the expression, a brothel — there it funny day with fire will not meet.
Here let it be visited Usha school. Repair then continues for four years without stopping and during class. Need only wonder patience and dedication Usha teachers that four years of work in criteria such as the possibility of students that somehow still manage to enroll in universities.
Father of the 1st of the current odinnadtsatiklassnik I said, "What knowledge can get my son, if during a lesson in adjacent working class hammer, and at school four years worth Jug dust?"
So, come on September 1 the first call from a chief of Vitebsk Abla, very much apologizing for is a permanent repair: means, they say, is not enough. Sorry, I do not believe! Nobody needed on presidential houses means flow freely.
In short, the chief promised this before the New Year bring the school to the appropriate type. But it is no substitute for knowledge promises. As children learn how to do later? "

The same or a similar situation in almost all Belarusian schools, which do not show in the reports of municipal channels. And yet another, the smallest setback for thousands of rural Belarusian kids — total closing so called small schools.
Eliminating them, the bureaucrats argue that decision the interests of economy and promise that kids will bring up another school bus. But that bus in almost all villages not behold the years, and children have to walk to go to the adjacent village from time to time for 5 or even 10 km.
This phenomenon in recent years has become a media in Belarus. And on numerous complaints from parents at officials is always the standard answer: that there is no gasoline, the bus broke down, then fell ill shofer …
Our listener Alexander Korzhik Gomel own an electric "Freedom" written after he heard the story from Mark Sannikov Dobruš — inventor, who for many years unsuccessfully trying to intrigue its power project power plant. A listener writes:
"Do not go out of my mind in this case. Verbally in our state all for the person, but in reality — just the opposite. Hunting wish sovereign Sannikov enormous patience.
I personally am the modern Belarusian science with its administrative management mechanism as zhenshenevaga cream, in which the content of ginseng — one ten thousandth part, and everything else — inert and useless Vaseline.
Not a bad deal makes Inna Cooley, which actually helps the gene pool in a civilized country teaching youth abroad. So you need to do, as long as our kids are not turned into one inert Vaseline for lubrication of modern "Lukashenka’s economy." But rescue needs not only those who are still studying, and those who are willing to offer something already, and own country his ideas are not needed.
I have lived a great life, and live out occurs during the reminiscent era that has long passed. The general population, we promise a bright future, and only a small percentage live in the light of reality.
And why light should be the future, not the present day? If the government can not offer anything now, she’s just bullshit own gullible people. "

Certainly the huge (and even more so certain) promises from the current authorities and no sovereign Korzhik. It is in the last century Russian favorites lightly drawn before working masses bright tops and called specific dates when these tops will be surmounted.
Nikita Khrushchev, for example, promised to build communism in 1980. Misha Gorbachev stated that in 2000 every Russian family will live in a separate apartment.
The current Belarusian authorities do such global its citizens not promised. Is that the little things — for example, that the utilities in This year not increase over 5 bucks.
In the past month twice (8 and 15 August), we referred to the letter of Myadyuk Galina Borisova. I recall it was about consumer dispute listener with a retired police officer — someone who must give way to the narrow path.
The conflict ended with the Tribunal fined Ms. Myadyuk a small amount — one base value (typical for neprelichnuyu abuse). And she has since the past two years has been fighting with the help of different instances, because he considers himself unjustly wronged.
This story spoke in his own letter to the "Freedom" our listener Zherdev Anatoly Gomel:
"Some smart aleck spihnuv lady off the road into gryazyuka and its same also fined. The meaning of such a comment: it is not necessary to sue the lady impudent, and in general, we (Valentin Zhdanko) do not know what was happening in reality. Such comments can not be treated differently, as a carte blanche to all Belarusian rudeness.
In 1-x, instead of the "Journey of Freedom" it would be better to go to the other side and find out there was in fact.
And in-2, as experience shows, we have since the Bolshevik attitude toward the lady completely European. It became the custom that men are sitting public transport, not even embarrassed, although standing next to a lady. Totalitarianism and generous attitude toward the lady incompatible because brought to the slave state of the lady and kids will bring the same.
Who listens to Radio Liberty, are aware of the dismissal of Paul Sevyarinets mom — teacher, to which there were no complaints until her son did not opposition.
Authorities perfectly clear what role is played by the real ladies in educating real guys. And if someone asked: "What is important in maintaining the security of the country?" So my answer would be that of "protection of honor and pros who educates the children, and this first lady."
Fuel and energy, food and other objects — are secondary, because everything depends on the culture of the society. Either it is the culture of servility, or — the culture of free, educated and well-mannered people. "

With respect rights and give authoritative demonstration of behavior is not so simple and in democratic countries, the emperor Zherdev.
Emansypatsyya in some of them came to such an extent that your going to concede a lady in public transport can cause quite the wrong response, which you expect. For example, some activist feminist movement may resent your act, which it considers a demonstration of disrespect for her equal rights with men and liabilities.
Regarding the letter from Galina Borisova Myadyuk. It’s not about who is in that conflict was offended, and who — the abuser who brash, and who — a victim of rudeness.
And look at this letter I sent was not in order to set the record straight "and" petty and not worthy of significant public attention episode. It’s about enough vserasprostranennuyu social phenomenon, if similar small conflict changes the whole style of the person and the meaning of life, for many long years and makes all of his existence in one continuous litigation.
Upon graduation from Mogilev kutsee letter from student Misha bent. Listener handles subsequent request:
"I am very proud of our famous writer Vladimir Korotkevich. It would be great to find out more about the life of a professional creator, because for me it is, of course, the best of Belarusian writers. Thanks to him, we still l
ive belarushchyna."

Over the past few months on the air "Freedom" sounded a series of programs "Dawn" entitled "Summer with Korotkevich." These programs, for the first time recorded two years back, dedicated just one topic that interests you, Misha. The texts you can meet them on the website of "Freedom."
Thanks to everyone who found the time to write on "Freedom." Write. Waiting for new posts.
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