Our homeland a cheap gas for Belarus paid two hundred occupation …

In a post last week as previously dominated by arguments about the letters of the Belarusian-Russian affairs, about the different historical paths that have chosen Russian republics of the former Union.
Our listener Peter Kasneryk village of Baranovichi district Peranosiny own new sheet to freedom inspired by the messages from Lithuania that many members of the Lithuanian Parliament initiated a review of the compensation for the damage from the Russian occupation. Earlier, the government commission estimated that Lithuania should seek from Moscow as compensation for the damage of 20 billion U.S. dollars. Petro Kasneryk writes on this subject:
"Claim not prohibited. Another thing — how to really recover from the Russian Federation such funds? I recall in this regard worldview analyst Leonid Zaika, which often sounds Freedom. He once said a statement like in Belarus less poor than in Russia — it’s a great trick. Indeed, thanks to lower tariffs on Russian oil and gas, any Belarusian family had a year actually more than 3 thousand dollars. other words, 30 percent of the revenues Belarusian families — are subsidies from the Russian Federation. other words, Belarus — ordinary country that stuck to the Russian Federation and received once a year to 8 billion dollars of subsidies.
But these funds — not charity. In fact, this is compensation for the occupation of two hundred Belarus hated Russian Empire. For you, pochetaemye educated intellectuals, fighters for the happiness of the people, it would not hurt to keep in mind that the policy — it is a very great trick. And you call exit dense rows with the requirement to complete the Kremlin subsidies Belarus. The Crazies! "-

— Wrote in his own letter to the freedom of the village Petro Kasneryk Peranosiny Baranovichi district.
As I understand, sire Kasneryk, go on demonstrations against the Russian subsidies nobody in Belarus does not call. Especially since, that this is no longer any practical sense: a cheap gas and oil, and so no longer. And over time the price of Russian energoelementy will only increase, and after a couple of years to reach the world level.
Your exciting, sire Kasneryk, the interpretation of the multi-billion dollar subsidies who hadBelarus and the Russian Federation during the past fifteen years. Maybe someday specifically the clarification ozvuchat Belarusian politics. Although for anyone who witnessed the fruitless fifteen integration course Belarus elicit these billion and Our homeland to pay them completely from any other reason, on other grounds, and for other services.
Vasily Cornflower in Radoshkevichah Molodechno district in their own brand new letter to freedom talks about the consequences and causes of the Belarusian-Russian "gas" of the war, the next step that we should first of August. A listener writes:
"I think more than our homeland would give us a cheap gas, the more damage it this cause Belarus. Pay attention: the Japanese have no oil, no gas, no other relevant resources. And what quality of life in this country! Life forced their brains to work, and eventually Japan in almost all high-tech sectors of the economy takes a leading place in the world. A collective farm system in Belarus held specifically on cheap energoelementah. (Speaking of the collective-farm system, I mean not only agriculture). It was the same for long decades in Russian system.
Enterprises and institutions, we accept only relatives and friends. A smart and sensible way to a great future not. Hence, backward technology, and large energy consumption, and poor product quality. In short, as in the fairy tale: Our homeland gives us no bait, that themselves produced food for themselves, and have caught fish. And we simply eat. And so makarom Moscow deliberately or inadvertently lengthens the life of the system, which we currently exist, "-

— so says Vasily Cornflower in Radoshkevichah Molodechno district.
Hardly you, sire Cornflower, right when the root cause of all economic ills see that work at enterprises and institutions in Belarus often take only through patronage. Primary yet — the presence or absence of the owner of the enterprise, and means — motivation, intrigued in the outcome of labor. In Belarus, the majority of companies to This time remain municipal, ineffective, if not entirely unprofitable. And where there is no owner, and recruitment are respectively the administrative apparatus is often inflated, search of trained and experienced professionals engaged in no: much easier to arrange for space relative or friend.
Our friend Constantine davneshny Syrel with Ushachi responded to another arrest in Brest opposition favorite Paul Sevyarinets that not so long ago for his political activities served a two-year sentence for so called "Chemistry" in Vitebsk region. Turning to politics, the listener writes:
"Pasha, dear, they do not give to you live (you know who I mean)." Feral Hunting "on» yavila war for you, surrounded by reddish flags. They hounded you. Can not you see, that your every move is monitored? Not must be Nostradamus to predict your destiny for the coming three — four years. They need you during the next presidential elections and the campaign was sitting — and go to jail. Term will be such that, on freedom only with Kozulin was released. They even do not need to find a reason — invent or throw "drugs", an instrument or something.
On television, it will show — for their own there are no ethical standards, no morals. Party last liquidate-independent media, young people are more active transplanted. Make a general election "odobryams." (Well, not only of the elections). They know that if you lose you will have to answer for everything because bitter and will mercilessly. I did what you do not call, up to you, that you do. "
Signature: "Your friend — Constantine Ushachi."

As recently reported to Freedom, in a prison cell in Brest, where Paul is serving his sentence Seviarynets administration allowed to transmit shortwave receiver. Because the emperor Constantine, pinning hopes that this political prisoner hear your appeal.
Although, in general, think about all these things, and likely scenarios, and so he knows. A conscious and deliberate choice made himself, likely, already long.
At the end — a few letters listeners lilac leave a comment.
Our friend Ilya davneshny Kopil from Minsk to own a brand new letter to freedom outlines some fascinating scenes of urban life, which he witnessed not so long ago. A listener writes:
"I was standing in line at the Central Department Store, stationery section. Client Requests in Belarusian stack of paper. Girl seller asks: — And what is the" paper "Show what you want. Outraged customer. Those that are behind him, also grumble : — Stop sneer merchant. reads normally got their own language.’s my turn. Quietly ask the young saleswoman that she taught foreign language. turns out that the German. recalls that in German, and in whiteRussian languages Russian word "paper" sounds are equally "paper — papier". Woman turned purple, which means: "Not so bad."
… Another scene. Requests for Komarovka cucumbers. Me — my grandmother. Merchant not hear her — says on the phone. After graduating, refers to his grandmother: "What for you?" Grandma: "So I’m talking to you …" Vendor does not let her finish the sentence: "Grandma, you read correctly — not" speak "and" speak "… Maybe vendor — a philologist by training. Her to the House of Representatives, the committee on the improvement of Belarusian spelling. Obviously there not enough staff "-

— wrote in his own letter to freedom Ilya Kopil from Minsk.
And another letter, which created — Igor Stsyabulya from Minsk. A listener writ
"Not so long ago, passing" train "to work, heard a pensioner lil" crocodile tears "for the USSR. Allegedly, destroyed a strong power in which all lived so well … It seems that the old man has forgotten about queues, about total lack of, about how everything had to get through dating and cronyism. A means that virtually all kept in the Savings Bank and slammed with the collapse of the Russian empire? Apparently, this retiree forgotten as our brothers Belarusians perished in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world where Russian soldiers did so called "international duty", but in reality — have fought wars over whose interests are unclear. Very little had some memory of life in the Russian Empire, "-
— Posted by Igor Stsyabulya from Minsk
Thank you, sire Stsyabulya, for you and everyone who found the time to write to freedom. Write. Waiting for new posts.
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