Own status as men for some reason sent to the visa Paznyaku

* "Krasnoarmejsky Truth" in 1927. Orders placed Palitupravlennya Belarusian Military Area "Reddish army is armed conquests of October, defending the socialist construction of the Union. Reddish army can only give one gift to the 10th anniversary. This gift — the comprehensive strengthening of the combat capability of its ranks, strengthening preparedness for future battles for Global Alliance Russian Socialist Republics. "
"Fatherland" on this week 1957 under the heading "Belarusian business and know" writes: "Our national revival did not take place through the night. It went by natural evolution. Not one of us-to the state of consciousness reached solely pasleyshyh years own life. And this is not our fault, because adverse conditions do not allow for more. These are independent advice and joined joined more people who once stood outside of our business. We accept them and rejoice that zbolshvaetstsa our family. "
* "Free announcements", year 1997. "Young Front"Plans to hold a Sept. 6 own first constituent congress. Own status for some reason, men were sent to" visa "Poznyak. Zenon S. quite approved youth program from the struggle against" the Lukashenko regime. "Since the reason that projected"Junior Front"Autumn newcomer expected wave of repression against the opposition, the organization will not be a favorite. Planned that will be managed by 4 co-chairs are responsible for their own area of work …"

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