Patrons of monuments of history and culture connected voedinyzhdy

This first meeting of the Public Defender of historical and cultural heritage in modern Belarus.
One of the reasons was the total destruction of historic centers and old buildings in several cities of the country.
On another dilemma says art historian Sergei Hareuski:
"We are concerned about the practice of destruction and restoration of monuments, when substituted avtentychnastsi concept and reality. If forgery and buildings stand out for monuments of architecture.
One example of a hotel "Europe" — on two floors above and three times shorter and it is issued for the restoration. Restoration of concrete towers Olgerda XIV, in Vitebsk century, chaotic example of restoration Mozyrskogo castle. And this practice is just starting to grow. "
City officials are trying to make our work a political nuance
In addition, as the sovereign said Hareuski after active protest public authorities began to discrimination in municipal traffic participants media disk imaging, as harassment and intimidation.
This is especially noticeable in the regions, said one of the participants, the creator of the organizing committee for the referendum in Grodno Ales Smolenchuk
"City officials are trying to make our work a political nuance. Was written in such a sheet" Grodno truth ", where we were accused that we — accomplices Milinkevich. What we want to disrupt public order, not only in Grodno, but obschebelorussky.
Dialogue did not go. I myself had a meeting with the chairman of the executive committee. We chatted like everything is fine, all agreed. After the meeting I took the police. "
"We are not spies and destructive elements"
One of the aims of the meeting was specifically to engage in dialogue and public authorities for the protection of historical heritage. To do this, the organizers prepared other projects of reconstruction of an old town in Minsk and Grodno.
Managing Conservation Society says Anton Astapovich monuments:
"We are not spies, no, we are not destructive elements. We cheer for this case and are able to not only conflict but to submit other proposals. Cherish the hope that we will find mutual understanding. "
As said A. Astapovich to meet with scientists and the public are also invited representatives of the Ministry of Culture, Minsk city executive committee prosecutors. But these bureaucrats municipal institutions meeting ignored.
Participants of the meeting agreed to establish a joint program from action in order to protect the monuments of history and culture in Belarus.
Grodno authorities to change the reconstruction plans are not going to, 30.08.2007

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