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About the origins of the Belarusian-Russian conflict
Konstantin Syrel, Ushachi:
"Age of Lukashenko leaves no hope for a change in its nature. So, honorable gentlemen, we will have many more conflicts and scandals in various fields. Objection you do to me, how the elections? Forget pochetaemye! Not for G. seized power , in order to give it over such a trifle as elections. Nothing, because once people experience earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, fires. Overcome G. us, and if we do not, our children and grandchildren.
Not so long ago listened Stanislaus Bahdankevich answers questions from the audience of "Freedom". I do not agree with his position on the fact that the Government, together with Sidorsky than either povinet for gas conflict. Certainly, Bahdankevich forgotten that in our country even a mouse NOT pisne without permission G., and therefore expect any independent action from the government — to waste. "
Nicholas Busel, village Dubrova Svetlahorsk district:
"It’s ugly to watch as workers of the state-ideological office with a stern look to prove the obvious nonsense. And they carry the address of the Russian Federation! Naturally, it is not flawless far country. Fact and behave seriously and not shyytsesya its members.
Tell me who to listen to your market curious longing that you have no money? Live within your means and do not complain to nepriznatelnyh sellers. But no — pakryvlyatstsa need.
And that’s what the event. A lady, in answer to your question about the payment for gas and saw that we have long been paying 100 bucks for a thousand cubic meters. But this lady was wrong about seven and a half times. That’s normal payment.
If you believe the stamp on blyashtsy in fairly seasoned balloon 20 kg of gas. It is about 16 cubic meters. And these are 20 kg 26 thousand rubles, or 13 bucks. Means 1,000 cubic meters worth 750 bucks for us. That’s the whole settlement.
In other words we, ordinary consumers, gas is sold at a decent Western European value — such as in the Netherlands. But wages and standard of living there is much higher than ours. Even 15 years ago, was an hourly fee — 19 bucks. For a day or two Dutchman earned as Belarusian per month at the moment.
That seems weird to me that there is still a myth of "a cheap" gas. Maybe, at the entrance to it and a cheap Lukashenko, but the output after its cost — about-ho-ho. What follows from this? And the fact that government has no reason to increase the price of gas and the products derived from its consumption, because the cost is increased and so long. "
An opposition youth and the struggle for justice
Igor Pastnov, Vitebsk:
"It is a pity that their institutions these activists are in prison. Become, so to speak, Prof. revolutionaries. Why are they just" substituted "alienate people? For example, what are these political graffiti? They spoil the beautiful buildings. Hooliganism any political thought is not justified. People curse when behold the inscriptions such. For example, my mother — a pensioner, far from politics. But what it said about these hacks when it had acetone output scribbling … Let go to our psychology courses at the Young , kanfliktalegii — can be mustered experience …
And to fight for justice, there is a huge amount of legitimate methods. Give request to the city council, the Chamber of Representatives — there must respond. Then people would beheld certain cases, help, and not predatory antics with neprelichnoy abuse.
Blossomed youth. Once I was personally involved in the movement of the BPF was the Diet Pozniak. Demonstratively walked there with Komsomol badge. Heartily wished good, freedom and truth. And then at the moment I see: a guide these movements many such priests Gapon that specifically break up the company. They seemed to deliberately offend people humiliate their feelings and eventually excluded from itself.
A newspaper "Narodnaya Volya" I did not read back when her lot in kiosks. Just saw gryazyuka and humiliation pochetaemyh persons in Belarus. And realized that this someone earns status dissident and residence permit in the West. "
Valery Grinevich village Vishnevets Stolbtsovsky area:
"I have long trevozhut difficulties young people. As you know, Belarus has officially pro-Lukashenka Youth Alliance. Guys There abalvanvayuts benefits and ideology — as we once intoxicated ideology of Stalinism. In my opinion, we need to make a real people’s youth company, which would Belarus has joined voedinyzhdy dedicated towards youth. call this company need to Bolshevik "Narodnaya Volya" or "Narodnaya Volya." But the word "front" in the title should not use: ideologues Lukashenko intimidated people fronts, people think that hiding under that title terrorists. CONTRIBUTE make such a company, in my opinion, could Kalyakin and Lyabedzka. "
"How can sneer at the best representatives of our youth? Some are sitting in the bullpen as Dashkevich, others serving as referred to as" chemistry ", third-believers blame the Young profanity and arrested. Beating so that young people get into the clinic with brain injuries. Sevyarinets And Paul was arrested for presenting their own books. It is a sin against their own people by the authorities. Shame! "
Usakova Lena K.:
"I am a veteran teacher working with forty years of experience, I express my deepest indignation those people, if you can call that judged and judge our youth. Very best that our young people. Many of them already were sitting on the bullpen. And they are not broken. They have become more hardened, because they are strong in spirit. Break them simply unrealistic. Naturally, the health of not increase. What makes this criminal regime, coupled with the criminal justice system — is a sin. Such can not be anywhere else in the civilized world, that people are proud people, such as Seviarynets Dashkevich, Kozulin, so they clink on "day", with penalties. This mode is just their fears so they do not become their rivals. Such people are to them as a bone in the throat. And the criminal justice system expects the tribunal of God. "
About Stalinist methods in politics
Vasily Cornflower, Radoshkovichi Molodechno district:
"I’m very taken aback if Yermoshina, speaking on Freedom, compared the U.S. imposed visa sanctions against Belarusian officials ways to Stalin.’m Sure she has not once regretted that said so. Indeed everyone knows how our present Commander refers to the chief, whose naming fairy named "Stalin Line." And as for the travel ban … I’m more worried about what the government is practically forbade travel abroad for recreation for our children. Is not this exactly means of so-called "father of nations"?
On concerns about the Ordinary man power
Leonid Tsybulsky, Rechica:
"During the war, little boy I had to sit together with his mother in a barn, where people expect death. Germans chased us as miners on the way — so that in the event of an explosion detonated by us but they did not … We hunger strike to get better quinoa, potatoes putrid , acorns … And ended the war — the power was ready to strangle us with taxes. And now, having gone through so much suffering, I do not see any relief.
My offspring graduated with distinction and vettehnikum vetakademiyu. Dr. major works in one of the farms Loyev region. His salary — 246 thousand rubles. Wages shall be issued regardless of the availability of funds on the farm. For example, in May paid 160 thousand. During this period, the farm changed three directors. Scion serves three farms — is more than a thousand head of cattle. Calculate payroll for the poor quality of milk per case. Was a case of: Bull broke the fence and drowned in a silo. So sorry for some reason considered veturacha — and calculate 357 thousand rubles. Here are so young spices. Previously had their own expense teaches son and now must and detain him on his retirement.
Daughter in-law and grandson live with me. Ninth year built. Were prepyadstviya with electricity, with plumbing. At the moment, the problem with the gas. Need to lay 300 meters of pipe in the street. Appealed to the authorities. Answer: "No money, create a cooperative." A live on our street is the main war kids, the elderly. Yet, the cooperative did years ago brought more than a million rubles. Means "revolve" bring gas magnate profit, and as before we have nothing. That’s the concern for the Ordinary man.
Over the past year where I have not only written — and the president, and in newspapers. All authorities involved in formal replies, and forwarded the complaint to the end in place. "
"Why are so unevenly shared God? Near lives colonel who was doing his duty own political worker and 45 years received a pension of two thousand million rubles. And still lives near the lady who worked 35 years working — her pension is about two hundred thousand rubles. I read it, they say, why do not you go to the Square Kalinouski as presently popularly referred to as the October Square in Minsk to announce something with which you disagree? But, says: I will not go to Minsk, as for unauthorized rally could be arrested and drop behind bars. better striker of the mask shop around so covertly selling a bottle or a pack of cigarettes — the lady says. However, you need to move your head in all directions, so as not crept policeman and vlupil fine.’s how and live. "
Seeker Larisa:
"At the moment we fear look terrible picture of the whole army of the poor, disadvantaged people who were behind the company. Their constantly replenish those left without work, and later made homeless, so called bums. Other words humiliated and insulted modern Belarus. quiet unrealistic to look at what the country built palaces, luxury homes, drive expensive cars, and on no one is busy. Municipal policy is geared to help the rich — in other words the kidnappers and murderers. poor, old, lonely and ill people waiting the fate of destruction, because "enemies of the people" trying to make their pockets at the expense of the disadvantaged. For all this they use alcohol, drugs, asylums, and other killers. Even backward royal RF existed for homeless "flophouse" and places for people caught destitute and documents, we can mention the play bitter "In Those Days." Now these people have to look for shelter in attics, basements. perish with hunger from diseases ledeneyut winter frost. Either it is not the time to reclaim society from municipal officials to pay attention to this dilemma and to break the genocide of the people? There should be organized place of residence for people who find themselves in crisis. They must work as doctors, psychologists, lawyers. And money should be focused not on building palaces, and social housing, hospitals, creating new jobs. Also on pensions, wages and social assistance. "
On the operation of the working people
Juraj Shpak-Ryzhkov, Minsk:
"To find a job in the shop, I saw a suspiciously huge turnover. For three months, I was given there to do, 3-movers resigned two. Was found in the store are always acquired defect rate — not only in the midst of movers, and in the midst of saleswomen and other privates. A directorate is profitable.’s at least my example. C 3 months according to the contract I have for the first and last month’s premium not received — only naked salary. vain worked internship. Due artificially made flow almost always worked together making volume for three, but getting as usual.
With all of this from the mouth of the Governing administration endlessly heard insults, swearing neprelichnaya. For you are constantly reminded that you — no one and have no right to protest.
Everyday business — to force to work weekends. And later on the promised day off or a surcharge generally forgets.
Those who disagree or just complains survive other faster. Pursue such carping and mockery by the management. Can withstand such izymatelstva torlko hardened. Because large and fluidity. It’s just a stream of assembly, organized and frugal people mercilessly.
How can the rights of the workers trade union leader, who works part-time Admin the same store? Why quarrel with her director, and that it can show in a moment at the door? And if need similar institutions and their leaders-fraudsters general unions, much less — free? This is for them — untainted perdition! "
"In the official media constantly talk about success, which also achieved the Republic of Belarus in recent years in industry and agriculture. A reported in the press that in the West, for example in Germany, there is a crisis in agriculture, some collect reared collection. May 11 this year newspaper "The Belarusian Field" wrote: "The Germans are unwilling to work in the field because of the very low prices for languid work. heaviest work in the month a week she has only about 900 euros. Naturally, for us it means huge, but not for the German . This is slightly larger than the unemployment benefit, for which it is not necessary to do anything. Those unemployed Germans, who all also decide to work in agriculture, very quickly realize their mistake. "This material was prepared by Alexander Tsybulsky. Quite match the German, who earns 900 euros per month, and Belarusians, who gets several hundred thousand rubles, to be sure of the condition of the payment in our Republic. As for the unemployed in the country, they almost get nothing. Only a few months, they pay little assistance to the unemployed. And quite often and do not pay anything. "
On the Russian past
Leonid Lukin, Minsk:
"Often I meet and talk with the youth. Boring these discussions and observations. On what strong and prosperous state was Russian alliance, virtually nothing is known. Patayutstsa me:" And how then cost apartment in Minsk? ". The answer is: "Nothing is worth, the government gave free apartments." Do not believe! And that Russian student on his scholarship could be fed once a day with sausage sandwiches and hot meals in the dining room — also do not believe. And what kind of clubs, sports clubs, holiday camps, sanatoria and we did not pay anything …
If you are there on the "Freedom" for the truth, we must speak to the young as a matter of fact people lived in the Russian alliance. And you — only the Stalinist purges and introducing Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia … "
On the situation of the Belarusian language
Aleksander Jackiewicz, Vitebsk:
"Yesterday I heard very Charhinets speech on television. Announcer talked about Midsummer, and all in Russian.’s Scary. Where else can this be? In which country? Exclusively in our ill-fated Belarus. Penguins and even those in their own language spoken. If we about Midsummer can not say in Russian, which is still more reason then? reads nothing. "
"While Lukashenko is in power in Belarus, the Belarusian language will not. And the Russians do not adore the Belarusian language, they do not know it. A lukashist called and I do not like it, so just read Belarus Belarusian. And if that still is in Belarus, if it is read in a foreign language? "
"I listened to the call of the 1st mate, who was unhappy with the fact that Russian interview you Belarusian translation. Do not know what he found in the wrong. I consider myself a Russian Belarusians normally understand the Belarusian language and no differences in what language it sounded or another interview. important thing is that Radio Liberty says the truth. Well done. So work. Around the world there are many countries where the official languages are not two, as we do, but several. And if this fellow was unhappy there, it is likely would prefer a nerd and would offer him little adpachyt and heal. "
"Unknown to anyone trying to speakers in their own language minute. Either people have heard, that in Belarusian publicly uttered Sheiman, hemp, Yarmoshyna Cherginets, Kostya, Katkevich? Since the main Russian or Belarusian selects British languages. Seems the last time he publicly read on the cover language July 3, 2003. Neuzh something once in five years? Then after waiting of the speech in 2008? "

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