People on Freedom

Of arrests of youth activists
Oleg Kalenik, Minsk district: "Here again hear on" Freedom ":" Sevyarinets arrested, held in jail Dashkevycha judged Azarka … . "Nothing has changed under our Belarusian sky. The same was 5, and 10 years ago — maybe only the names of other prisoners. Pity these selfless and sincere young people. They also break their fate, condemned to torment parents. And what efforts w : forehead concrete wall not proshibesh. Belarus created such a machine of destruction at least some dissent and opposition that any pickets or flash mobs — it’s just a worthless child’s play. Adults favorites opposition should keep youth from unnecessary casualties. should be prepared to really mass protest rally the forces and not wasted on trifles and sustain such losses on stupidity. "
Nina Osipova Maladziechna: "I am ecstatic with our" Young Front. "What brave, selfless people, they love our Belarus I wish you to tell them to suffer torment for the truth, for the generous thing — it’s an honor, remember that God — with you, but not with those policemen who lie in court, and not with the referees, who on the basis of heresy endure unjust sentences. pity, but in our town such young people do not. Our atsirayutstsa in wine and spirits shop, swearing, zhluktsyats whole days of beer . And the police will not touch them. "
Lady: "I wish to express my admiration for the little boy, who pasted stickers, to defend the honor of the same raschudesnye own friend who called docent" bandits. " As it is to call? Differently not name. More to these people! What would this country was happy! That protect such ministers as this docent? Place their pig at the trough, its solder worthy of pity. They sit in jail as policemen during the war, the best guys, good little boys, smart. Who are they? Acolytes. "
Vladimir Zvernik: "I wish to ask a question Baranovichsky Court judge who condemned the young activist Ales Melyantsa serving on the day for what he exclaimed:" Long live Belarus! "So, Mrs. referee to wish that our lived and Belarus? Lived and prospered. Do not understand, even more so if this event is done recently the 16th anniversary of the Supreme Council of the configuration of the 12th convocation here in our country with" BSSR "on" Belarus "with a simultaneous change of state symbols. then flew over the state worthy of the white-red-white flag and all municipal institutions was secured arms" race. "
Speaking of symbolism. Why not sovereign Lukashenko believes red-green flag, if it is so pleasant, the municipal flag for some time, but once the historic white-red-white flag was considered "public." Having made such a step, he would have supported his last expression to rave about their own independence of Belarus. Anyway because thirst conscientious Belarusians to state symbols not break, pause, do not hold back. "
On the contacts and opposition officials
Paul Lysyuk, Baranovichi: "There can be such, that in the midst of the nomenclature, there was not the 1st decent man with democratic gaze that would not realize that the only way for Belarus — is the path of European integration and market reforms. I think that Essentially a lot of these people — and in the executive committees at various levels, and in the ministries, and even in the Presidential Administration. Opposition simply can not retrieve them and use them. A finding should be. officialdom — a homogeneous mass. There are smart and professional people capable organizers , true patriots of their motherland. Opposition is necessary to strike a deal with them — enroll them into their ranks and promise that after the victory of democracy, these people not only remain in the administrative apparatus, and receive a substantial increase sluzhbe.Takim Makar, opposition forces have doubled and patroyatstsa. "
About the success of "market socialism"
Igor Pastnov, Vitebsk: "In one hour I, an ordinary doctor, earning three thousand rubles. These means in adjacent hypermarket can buy three loaves of bread (680-700 rubles). My salary — very average. I — school doctor, only part-time work at the site. Precinct doctor to get a half times or two more. Still, their wages can I buy 2-3 new color televisions "Hero", or little cool "Atlas." Another thing — we used to live uneconomical. This — our Russian heritage of the past. throw into our landfills stale bread, buy unnecessary products that would later deteriorate. To not treat things carefully. Here is a vivid example. Not so long ago came to my brother, who lives in Israel. I offered him like walk through the town. And he says: "Nah, it w as in shoes soles blotted out …" And where will you find a government in which 3 kids government would compensate 50 percent of the housing loan? People have forgotten how to live carefully. Poor live those who drink wireless, or used to be dependents, loafers. fact there are at least some country. So I wish again in "Freedom" to appeal to the gentlemen of the OSCE and others. No need to put spokes in the wheels of our state, our difficulties rejoice . "
Man: "This month older people already receiving a pension as referred to overcharge. But, as in past years, they have not expressed such ecstasy president, do not express gratitude to him, as it was earlier. On the contrary, it is perceived as a small increase in some izymatelstva, taunts from his side, as they are all years maintained control of the country, and at the moment, regardless of what they hear from the tele and radio about the color of our economy, they raised just retired only 7%. I think it reaffirms what we are doing not so well, as they say on TV every day. It is understood even by elderly people who previously put the president’s portrait next to the icons in their own rooms, or even considered him almost a god. "
Lady: "Just do not think about what I am advocating Lukashenko. But they have some advantages and some progress. And he has a lot of shortcomings. And I think that Lukashenko confused because some minions around him, some karystalyubivyya people. No sincere people. I think people just backed into a corner, as some bigots around. realized: that is the failure. And no such issues never raised. "
Misha, retired, Minsk: "I wish to comment on the comfortable life of Belarusians.
Hard, we live in poverty. Century drip into smetstsi. Belarusian our people die, We are slaves in our own country. And not hear moaning cries Decent "father" Lukashenko. "
On the essence of the political regime in Belarus
Victor Konin village Mikashevichy Luninetsk district: "In the last presidential election I voted for the candidate television appearance in which censorship cut out half an hour of airtime. Already more than one year my candidate Alexander Kozulin — in the bullpen, where he threw" for politics. "In Belarus at the moment there is no law, which would act are equally to all people. So what makes us different from the fascist regimes that one — bread with butter and honey, and the second — a concentration camp and gruel for lunch? "
On the municipal media
Konstantin Syrel, Ushachi: "Somewhere in the end of May — beginning of June last year we have accomplished in Ushachi emergency. At a local restaurant one Saturday poisoned marriage almost at full strength — about 80 people (as it turned out later — salmanelez). 40 people came to the clinic Ushachski, others — in the clinic Polotsk, Novopolotsk, Vitebsk and other cities. So here, our local newspaper "Patriot" also said this on Saturday, but … exactly three weeks. indignant letter in my newspaper jeering gave such an answer that differently as rudeness, I did not call I can not.
And what method to augment its own circulation to all the popular "SB"? My friends, husband and wife (I will no
t name the name) at work getting this newspaper subscription. So they (him and her) forced to subscribe to the newspaper to the same home. Now take out from the mailbox every day two instances. For you as it pochetaemye students of Liberty? "
The events of September 17, 1939
Ales Stankevich, Grodno: "I believe that announce the date of September 17 municipal prazdnichkom not worth it. Gotta keep in mind what action then occurred. Stalin least thought about the interests of the Belarusian civilization. His real aim was to divide Europe along with Hitler. Well and that brought with it the Communist authorities in Western Belarus after 17 September 1939 and how many people had been wrongfully arrested, killed and exiled to the Russian North! And the agony brought forcibly collectivized peasants! municipal properties today prazdnichkom it would be incorrect and based on the belief of the international policy: to keep in mind what he has left a trace in the history of our western neighbors. If and to change the Independence day, then at least some perspective should declare basic municipal prazdnichkom March 25. Specifically, in this day in 1918 th year of Belarus after 123 years of the Russian occupation became an independent state. "
Misha Petrovic, pensioner: ‘I remember 1939. Then from East to West Belarus came "tips," and my grandfather Stepan village liqueurs Ivatsevichy district, like all farmers, encouraging met Russian soldiers. Commander of the Red Army and he gave a gift: a loaf of bread and a thick slice of bacon. Someone probably never beheld such a thick fat, loaf, it’s the soap that they want to poison him and yelled at his grandfather, so he was arrested. Only farmers assist my grandfather out of this failure. Such is the case occurred. "
To learn how to become prisoners of the Gulag
Stepan SHOOTS, Smorgon: "Time was this: say something is wrong and in the wrong place — and here will come under the Military Court. So what happened to me. One day on September 2, 1948 will never forget. Vileika tribunal "Three." What judge — is unclear. Tipo anti-Soviet propaganda. Ta "troika" murmured (sure to order), and later in a terrible voice: "Subject to the supreme measure of … death." Read it and, see, move away from the table. And only later I began to realize that it — the end. staggered, but I continue to stand. watchman says, "Sit down!". 10-15 minutes later they came back judge. mitigated sentence — execution was changed to 25 years imprisonment and 5 years of restriction of rights. soon gathered from the surrounding villages and towns still weave two of the same "anti-Soviet" — and drove straight to step Inta (this is in the north of Russia, Komi Republic). snow, frost, around — taiga and tundra. And — solid barracks with the same evil fruit. sewed on the back of the room, was given a shovel or an ax — and work morning to night for a bowl of watery porridge. My team was 23 people of 18 different nationalities. Not all back from that hell. And the true time and generally unlikely who lived, except me. "
About concerts Danchika
Maria Razuvaeva, Minsk: "I am very glad that the songs included in the performance Danchika in program from Radio Liberty, and that they are accompanied by small commentaries. I wish that information about the singer was more — about his life and work that disturbs him. This artist beautiful voice and beautiful performance. And what a lovely song! .. Very hunt to Danchyk came with a concert in Minsk. Maybe it? "
Victor Skorokhod, Minsk: "I am fascinated by the modern rubric of Freedom" in September with Danchika. "About this singer I vyznat then, as he came to Belarus. Listened to it in the House of Writers. Since then he has shared with me forever."
On Friends Club "Liberty"
Anatoly Zherdev, Gomel: "The members of the" Freedom "I think not only those who praises radio controls, and those who thoroughly criticizes its information policy. Theme of my appeal — the existence of the Club of Friends" Freedom. "On the development of his, it was announced but in the last year it seems to be not at all — because administrators are considered members of Radio "Liberty" only those who they like. Doing this conclusion on the basis of such facts. September 6th in the program "PO Box 111" sounded kind of my letter. Despite the fact that in it I specifically singled it — outlook member "Freedom", the air is not sounded. Certainly, as I have repeatedly criticized the management of the radio and even offered to democratically elect him. And so the leaders expelled me from the members of "Freedom."
I think that you should do the Activities of the Organization of the real friends of the Club "Freedom." The initiative will improve the information policy on the radio, and the realization of democracy there thoughts using caring and thoughtful people. "
About handbills Radio Liberty
Lady: "Twice on your radio sounded Aleksievich Svetlana on online. Maybe the smart thing. But now revered in the last interview of the Belarusian newspaper, that’s where, perhaps, the real her face, unfortunately. As said smallish without reverence about Bykov, Adamovich … And their teachers once called his. Well, about Shushkevich: that neither he nor the country, nor our people do not deserve the Nobel. Perhaps one Svetlana worth. It’s a pity it all clear. Apparently, the funds that were so, lost: it says one thing, and here is completely different. It’s a pity, a great pity. "
Man: "I do not say that often listen to your transmission as often tune in to your waves are not very simply in Minsk. Since, perhaps. Receiver I se, but I feel that there is some glushenne. But I wish express their opinions on some of your gear.’s first — "House of Writers" is Michas Scoble. leads Excellent, clean, clear, direct and clear. Now it is Sunday, I was listening to "House of Writers" and there was talk about the latest book Moryakov. Acted recognizable in our literary critic. And I did not like how she commented on this latest book. And did not like what she Tipo praised this latest book, but noted that the stories — it skeletons. She has some patterns on which to try on, or is the story or not? But from time to time such fundamental skeleton than a story … "
"I had an idea. Why not give Radio Liberty Drive" September with Danchika? "Is the same as the" Night of rap. "Customize your presentation and send one copy of the same audience."
On the news of the regional life
Janka Kalyada "Molodechno businessman Nicholas Apyatsenak financial support are independent media. This power is not to your liking. And the whole monitoring system — Sanitation center, firefighters, electricians, Tax, decontrol — piled en masse to inspect. And if you do not have found, no violations, the inspector accused in danger, although not inherently threatening and mind. Fabricated a case Apetenka and faces up to five years in prison. "
Man: "Previously scientific communism, and currently scientific banditry.’s Gotten me cod liver oil, and there are three pieces and everything, even a quarter of the banks do not. And the rest of the place is filled with oil, technical or what … Bread too bad. Earlier people were illiterate, and baked bread, which lay for months and never blooms. A matches? A week is not enough stack. either pluses No, no conscience. "
Man: "In the village Lyaskovichi Petrykov district has a sawmill owned by the administrative department of nationwide favorite. Planks and parquet floors are exported for hard currency, and their marriage is just smoke outdoors, not allowing people to buy for themselves by reduced cost. Apparently, the decrees on energy savings do not concern them, because, as they say those who work here, it’s "government in t
he state." But the important thing is that tree species here is busy with Pripyat former sanctuary, which is currently in the status of the National Park. They say there is already sawing young. And absolutely no one cares that Pripyat was the cradle land of the eastern Slavs, hence the roots went Belarusians, Ukrainians and Russian. But the system of government wanted to sneeze on the historical natural heritage. Her most important euro bucks for their own existence. "
Nicholas Petrushenka "Pochetaemaya" Freedom ", I twice pleasant to listen to Tolochin District, where I live. In this regard, I can give a little comment about the announcements that the local vertical gave permission for any rally or picket in the district center a symbol of investigation for leisurely resonant criminal cases. Hunting highlight that it is nothing else, as the intention hands inhabitants pin policemen, local vertical so very not like the new police chief. But go to a meeting is necessary, even more so, if this rally sanction gives power. I’m waiting for ever since the local government will be in our hands and Lukashenko pressured to keep your skin vertikalschikov. "
Lady: "Dear Radio Liberty, I can not tolerate injustice. I very often go out to you. It hurts my soul to look like farms die, die as all municipal property, as it dismantled, as it had been plundered, as he is destroyed. I can not tolerate. I’m doing this coming, but I can not achieve fairness and justice. My heart aches for what we have such a collective farm chairman Bartos, who says people one thing and zdekavayuchysya from of old does another. As it is impossible to do. If you promised to the old one, let him help him. And he is the opposite. The old one will say one thing, and superiors and subordinates own more. And I was so outraged by his audacity! I can not tolerate. Our President Lukashenko, where do you look? Why do you keep such superiors? Our young people who are trained, have nowhere to go. Help, remove them! Give the people live! Share what you reads on TV, give freedom to the people, so that he could work fine on our land! Allow youth to raise these farms! Did someone go here when he says one thing that will Tipo housing, and housing does not. He brazenly lying. Is chairman of the kolkhoz can be so? Our Fist this farm chairman like as it can command them. But it’s not for the country goes, but only for their pockets. "
On the trial of "Polish" spies
Constant listener: "I wish to express my outlook about the verdict to those troops who wished to convey some information Poland. If Poland was just Poland, friendly and brotherly, but we must not forget that Poland — NATO is. These people — traitors that would be delivered through Poland hidden information there. Because punished them right. And even mildly punished them. was necessary to punish more. And no need to turn out. How Gaddafi does. There are things that in fact it should evaluate and rightly read. Same thing when there Milinkevich climb Poland and they greeted him. What’s this? unclear. Treason What is he doing there? Amerikosy there constantly appear that we have not the confession … who gives? Milinkevich, certainly, and such like it. It’s no dignity. And we did not internalize Milinkevich, as he acts so makarom. Diplomas … And Shushkevich too. good man, of course. But in politics are the enemy to behave. "
On the abolition of registration
Vladimir, Polotsk: "I wish to say about the registration that our government since the New Year wishes to change residence. What did it come out? When I come to Minsk for a week to visit a son, a brother or a matchmaker, I suspend a cop and clarified I had Polotsk registration. To me inevitably have questions like: "What did you come here? What are you doing here? And in general, how much you’re here? "Try it establishes that there’re just a day or two only, not two months. Because more and more convinced that our government is doing everything possible to simplify and make life difficult. When in Russia introduced registration for foreign people, our power represented by Alexander G. surpassed them as willing to impose registration for its own people. "
Belarusian and Georgian affairs
Man: "Suddenly from Georgia is a thinly veiled desire to warn the West about the political state G. threats from the Kremlin. Where to now rush to indictment vector detractors authorities. "
Vasily Tyuhay: "Earlier Lukashenko stated that not lead his country for the civilized world, and now making contacts with pro-Western Georgia. He that multiple sclerosis? Or Our homeland suddenly" tsyvilizavalasya? "We do not need civilized friends. Let’s be friends with savages. And even better with bears and monkeys. Compared with them, at least, per person will be like. "
Lady: "Like a fox, stubbornly and aggressively, Lukashenko finds method to find fault with the EU. Georgia has not yet in the EU. And in this issue is unlikely to help Lukashenko. Whatever maslenymi eyes, he did not look at Georgia, I think, against the EU Georgia will not go. And do not crawl before Lukashenko her vkolentsah. Curiously, on whose initiative the meeting accomplished. If called Lukashenko, then, certainly, will be obsequious with kneeling crawl before Georgia. The Georgian side will look for one in this meeting personally intrigued . "
On culture in society
Constant listener: "Unfortunately, in our country there is a sharp decline in consumer culture and characters. The universal drunkenness, rudeness, rude. Naturally, a significant fault in this our bestalantnyh builders developed socialism and communism, which led our people to survive and a few revolutions, wars, civilians and Stalinist repression. All this was experienced. And the best people were persecuted, killed or fled, died … That’s what leaders need to reflect our republic. But unfortunately, all lasts. come to power rude, sassy, black, uncultured, unintelligent people, as they themselves say. Because for them the norm — what is happening in the country. Bullpen crowded. As Lukashenko says: "In jail, dress and handcuffs." He believes that he correct this situation. It was as unintelligent, as he read, in other words, uncultured, uneducated, and stayed. And aides such selects for himself.’s where bad luck, you need to think about anything, unfortunately. "

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