Permit and registration: explanations of the authorities

While registration on the post-Soviet space is preserved only in Turkmenistan and Belarus. But from 1 January of the new year in Belarus, it is canceled.
According to the creators of the decree, the registration will help people make better records in the community. Now citizens can be registered at the same address, but live elsewhere.
Procedure for registration will be certain restrictions, if compared with European practice.
Deputy Director of the center of legislative activity under President Lyudmila Panferova said:
"In a moment, we can not immediately proceed to clean the notification procedure without any restrictions, because the institution of registration is closely intertwined with many branches of the law. ‘Cause decided, uniformly and gradually abolish the true licensing procedure of registration of people. "
Reduce the number of documents for registration, and not will need to removed from the register. Participants can register by proxy and register in garden cabins and cottages. The restrictions will be for Minsk.
But resolved, eg registration grandchildren to grandparents or grandparents — and vice versa. Adult children — parents, siblings.
In this case, according to the creators of the law, the courts will be unloaded from the bogus marriages and divorces. Whoever regitsya not acquire any rights to housing. Is defined as the procedure for the registration of persons living in the buildings of religious organizations.
If a citizen has not passed at a certain time of registration, you may receive a warning, and later fine.
Deputy Head of the Department of Citizenship and movement Dmitry Lanin adds:
"Today it is better to know where the person is, to know the address of its registration, have the possibility of sending e-mail correspondence, posts tax authorities do not know what in general. Currently this situation — registers where people can live and where desired. And in general it is not clear about his whereabouts. "
There will also be new rules for people who are abroad and have a fixed residence in Belarus.
Sovereign Lanin said:
"The decree does not give citizens leave the country freely without design out on a fixed residence. Now our citizen writes an application for discharge, he wants leave from Minsk to Brest, and he lived for seven years in Austria. And his ancestors or the trustee to use the apartment as there is a record of his statement.
That is 1 January 2008 will not work. It just is not discharged as before. And to discharge him, you must register in Brest. And then comes the message that it is withdrawn from registration in Minsk. He’ll have to come back and get a check for a fixed residence, obtain a passport respective series and later to go. "

Deputy Head of the Department of Citizenship and movement Dmitry Lanin

Will the registration of mandatory relief from registration?, 10:09:07 • The golden era of the Belarusian neftechim completed, 19.04.2007

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