Pinsk city glad … approved the proposal to apply argoticheskoy Hebrew

"Nasha Niva"In 1907, informs:" In these days of ministry to the whole atpustsila Belarus and Lithuania 300 thousand rubles the opening of public schools. Mogilev open 165 schools in 105 Vitebskay in Minsk 100 A ninth in Vilna, Kovno, Grodno and only 30 schools. These provinces have zemstvo to mute anyone try that, that give the apartment, central heating and a security guard for the school because it is not on the treasury atpushchae means; hard men give themselves well and not just sgavarytstsa them. "
* "Nowe Zycie" in the 1927 report of the land: "In Pinsk city glad voices of all 20 Jewish deputies approved the proposal on the use of the plenary sessions and in commissions argoticheskoy Hebrew. In Vilnius city Rada passed the proposal of the Jewish deputy Spira, which reaches enactment the use of jargon in the Jewish town councils. No comment … "
* "There was another meeting of the City Commission for accounting, compilation and analysis of project proposals for the latest Soviet Constitution — wrote in 1977" Evening Minsk. "- Heard reports Deputy Chairman Partyzanski V.Guminsky executive committee. He said that in the area there were more than 1500 meetings at which were about 7 thousand people. Contributed by 151 concrete proposal. First secretary of the Komsomol V.Guryn said the discussion draft of the Constitution on the latest meetings of primary Komsomol organizations of the town. "

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