Poet Slawomir Adamowicz … pulled out of his pocket with a thread and needle stitched for yourself mouth.

* "Glos Prawdy" in 1927 published the following message: "Control" Soldier’s Theatre "at the House of fighters in Grodno, starting to work in a new theater season 1927-28, drawn with a gentle request to the gentlemen and military officials with skills to work in scene recorded in the company of Soldiers’ Theatre. "Gentle Ladies and gentlemen appeal takes from 6 to 10 GM GM Secretary theater pairs. Kalish Fighter in the House once a day for an hour. 17th to 18th . "
* "Lim" in 1937 signed by Paul Sivchuka and Anatoly Astrejka published the article "Not our weapons", dedicated to Andrew A.: "His poems — internally cool and empty, and not in vain, if it on books, more and more built up a sense of boredom, irritation and protest against this kind of creativity. A. brought great harm to young poets who go to sovetskogo Belarusian literature. "Critics," enemies of the people called for beginners to learn to write poetry in Alexandrovich, putting an example of the highest skill his poetry filled with gibberish and kryklivastsyu illiterate. "
* "Last Saturday Belarusian journalists held a rally in defense of freedom of speech — reports" Name "in 1997. — Thirteen journalists dressed in prison uniforms, carrying a makeshift grill … At 12.30 a small convoy came to Bangalore Square — venue of the rally. Already there were about 3 thousand people. Fortunately, at the meeting were only journalists — politicians have not given word … Slawomir Adamowicz poet spent his share, he took out of his pocket a needle with thread and sewed his mouth for himself. "

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