Poles outside Poland will receive a special document

"Pole’s Card" — a document that will allow its holder, ethnic Poles living in the post-Soviet countries, free to teach in Poland, Polish visa to get Lightweight order, it will be easier to achieve as the right to a fixed residence in Poland and so on.
‘It will be easier to come to Poland ethnic Poles, especially when Poland joins the Schengen agreement on January 1 2008, will be easier to get an education. In short, to solve a number of problems that have to This time have not been resolved, "- said during the signing ceremony of the law" On the Pole’s Card "Polish President Lech Kaczynski.
In order to get a map of the Pole, it is necessary to substantiate Polish origin As the last 1st of the parents, and at least aware of the Polish language.
First draft law on the map Pole appeared in the late ’90s, when the authorities were right, but it could not approve. Later, the authorities left the law also fails, because in the then government, contained "mystical promise."
If properly ethnic Poles in including and from Belarus, will be able to begin to apply for the Card of the Pole, is not yet clear.

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