Polesskii Peninsula Kudrichi

In the company of Pinsk regionalists, euro Aleksei Dubrovsky we’re going to Kudrichi. Small village, which is secreted in real Polesian swamps — thanks to the emperor Alexis, not destroyed reclamation. Dirt road — through traditional rowing kilometers quagmire. In the spring of this road is not at all, it floods the flood. And a dozen years ago and this was not the causeway.

"In April or May, when you come here, where we’re going at the moment, water is everywhere. Here only by boat or you can drive on the trolley. From the island to the peninsula. Here are seven islands. After the war, there were 110 houses. On Currently not much left. Some elderly live. "
Village really is a small archipelago. Where hill or mound, — there are houses. At the same time both at home and sheds its own impressive arhaichnastsyu. Unpainted of blackened tree under thatched roofs.

Alexei: "I wish to draw attention to the wood. There is no forest. And stoves harness vine. Winter they prepare this vine, and when there is a flood, then by boat to bring yourself to the courtyard. Vaughn Haystacks are made of twigs."
Reporter: "Do you carry any foreigners here? Come?"
Alexei: "Yes. Tourists, especially the Poles. Been reading pre-war literature. How to come here, they disclosed such Polessye, which in their view was after books. Polessye Dutch interest. Why? Their is no such nature. But natural conditions Holland sands, swamps, they’re all converted. And coming here, they behold the nature. nature lovers come here. They know perfectly well the nature, plants, birds know. "
Reporter: "For them this trip in a time machine?"
Alexei: "Yes. I think it looked Netherlands two years ago. Western tourists, Westerners have not yet figured out that Belarus can behold what was Europe two years ago.
Inhabitants in Kudrychah left a few elderly people. That 80-year-old Martha squattish plump ancient digs potatoes.

Reporter: "How Kudrichi lived when the road is not it?"
Martha: "Residential perfectly. Lavyly fish, the music was. Youth gather, gulyaly one adnego Cajal. Youth to gather Kalyada hire and music, dance, love one another, get married, yes semeyka e Dytko is yes And now …"
Reporter: "You’re all done? And the food? And odezhku?"
Martha: "How? Len yes this prick. And in winter to 12 sit and kudelyu Pradesh.
Whose korivenka the field growls?
This addition loafer that has Zhinkov ne.
Azhenimo quitter, Boudet Zhinkov mats.
Boudet in his korivonka hlivi stand.

I can 100 songs, but I already negodyashcha. "
Sitting on the porch of a century, in the midst Polessie quiet, even hard to imagine that in this hidden corner of the war was getting. It seems the best place for hiding from global ills not find.
Martha: "Then the war was not live to breathe. In lyudey was hungry and cold. And we hunger ne was. But the guerrillas, their Luda bessumlennyya, hodyly. Cholovika In boar collect, destroy. Bachilo What, belt, hood, Choboty that Bachilo then take. And not Dasa, pokotsyats that cholovik remains barely alive. "

Going to visit the inmate’s oldest Kudrych, 90-year-old grandfather, Nicholas, I was greeted by his rebellious granddaughter that came from Pinsk to help in the garden. Indeed, judging by their reaction, I was not far away first guest.
Spades: "Zachem is izdyavatselstva? Old house took off, later on a TV show. Well it’s still in operation? Fatagrafiruytse Great House."
2nd Lady: "Pryihaty, pofotografiruvaty posmeyatysa yes."
Reporter: "Why to laugh?"
Spades: "Of course, to laugh. And what about yet?"
But grandfather Nikolai still came out of the museum’s own home. Skinny old man in a cap and a century of hard eyes, remembering the old days, can not understand why so many are now in the gardens of weeds.
Nicholas: "Zillya it was not. Many people there. Harashi. Lodkamy the city izdyly. Pinsk at the bridge there was a market, and all the villages lodkamy izdyly."
Sounds remarkably current wisdom from an old Nicholas.
Nicholas: "Not a few ne whether anyone or anybody. Take, for example, the Germans are going to the village. Abrazavalisya Here guerrillas. Bach, destroy the 1st German. Comes Teuton, the village lights. He did right."
Russian authorities old Nicholas dislikes both cannibalization and for the destruction of an old church. Only for miles.
Nicholas: "Well, what the church zaminaly their raskidaly? Russian Alliance. Monument stands empty, well, everything."
Present day for old Nicholas also negligent. But for a different reason. In a colorful Yaselda centuries villagers nursed fish already, as it did not go fishing.
Nicholas: "On the river can not vyehaty. During his father waged war? Member scion of the river could not vyehaty? Fines, and how. Give Million fine. How have caught you on ratification. What do lovyty fish left."

80-year-old Olga, small mobile old lady, brightly told me some details of the life and work of people in the swamp. This is no less impressive stories about the war.
Olga: "That’s where the water was. A boat is behind the barn. And lodkamy vazyly manure on the field. Bouncer and forks. How was the farm, then wished zarabyty ruble, the seven kilometrav boat manure luck. Den earned And for three rubles. Three boats has delivered seven kilometrav by the driver. That’s the core. big boat. stanavimo Horses in the boat. And trolley. And the three men. vyazem And the driver on the field. "
Olga herself lives near the spot where once stood the church. She claimed for Khrushchev. For what? Who she was there in the wilderness itself could interfere?
Olga: "I had a great-grandfather, so he said that one here in my life was in this village. Came And Mrs. And build a church. Hodyty Luda And they struggled. And it naihaly laborers. And those laborers settled, settled down, and come here budavatysya. pabudavalasya first churches in this village. "
Reporter: "It was?"
Olga: "Nice, big church was. Was twelve meters width. Lacked the village. Vodyly round dance on Easter. And moving water from the field and there songs, songs there songs there. And nobody teper mouth does not reveal.
Went Gandya zhaty rye,
Yes forgot serpa taken.
Serpa took, khlib forgotten.
Gandya home was long.
Pogynaysya, scoundrel.
Chi you far away from the edge.
Yeah I paginayusa.
Yeah tired.

I try to imagine those crowded Kudrichi cut off water from all invaders, with polyphonic songs over swamps. With the funeral procession on the river, when the coffin with the deceased was placed in a boat, because the cemetery on the other side, and then became a true Yaselda river Charon. I try to imagine all this beauty and realize that soon the Dutch and the Germans will not have time to behold them
unknown to Europe. After all, without human beings, without their distinctive language, their songs without Kudrichi lost forever.

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