Policemen seek out mines on the field Krapivenskaya

Police cars blocking driveways and walkways to the river bank Nettle, which usually hosts concerts. But for mine machinery or military professionals, local activists not beheld.
"We came to put the scene to prepare the site for the festival — said our radio Managing Orsha Council of Youth Organizations Igor Kazmyarchek. — At the turn on Gatkovschina police car stopped us DPS. And we uttered: "This can not turn back to Orsha. Here found the shell will razminovvats. Razminuyuts If, then come. Well, here we are different ways to scold district … But I do not know, that here, in Gatkovschina, there were some fights, that later they could remain Rockets … It seems that all this is done, To prevent future of the festival. And it is breathtakingly: so many years in a row was performed and all happened perfectly. "
Activists want to know really whether Krapivenskaya field will be earthworks and indeed whether the policemen guarding the field of security judgments, not by order to disrupt tomorrow’s event.

Preparing for the next day festival dedicated to the field Krapivenskaya 493 a day or anniversary of the Battle of Orsha, during which troops majestically Duchy headed by Hetman Ostrozky overpowered almost three times as great Muscovite army, ending on some time Russian coming to Belarus.

• At the site of the Battle of Orsha is a memorial plaque, 16.08.2007 • Bardovsky Festival "Orsha Battle 2006" (photos), 10.09.2006 • Battle of Orsha and celebration days of military glory, 08.09.2005

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