Polish Foreign Minister: Lukashenka’s words do not match the standards of international relations

Now Polish citing the agency "Interfax-West" was told that during his stay in the Vitebsk region to a request to comment on the ban on the latest arrival in Belarus Polish politicians, Alexander Lukashenko stated that "given them in the face, and was right. No it’s notwhat to do . "
According to agencies, the Belarusian leader stressed that "race was prohibited in accordance with the law."
Commenting on these words Alexander Lukashenko, Polish Foreign Ministry press representative Robert Shanyavsky said that "if it really Lukashenko’s words, it is worth only posoboleznovat because they indicate, who uttered them. "
Sovereign Shanyavsky stressed that the Polish Foreign Ministry to verify, "was an expression."
"These words do not meet standards, according to which must develop international affairs, "- said the representative of the Polish Foreign Ministry.
August 15 Belarusian customs officers were not allowed to Belarus several Polish parlyamntarov, among which were the vice-spiker Senate Krzysztof Putra, a favorite of the party "platform civilians" Donald Tusk and the chairman of the parliamentary group of solidarity with Belarus Robert Tyszkiewicz.
Policies intended to take the role of prazdnichkom in which representatives conducted the Polish minority in Belarus.
In this regard, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Poland was called salting Belarus to Poland Pavel Latushko, which was protested.
Salting of Belarus to Poland received a note of protest from the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs 16.08.2007

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