Poll: Earlier each pensioner has set aside funds to die ‘

Man: "The man worked 40 years and, of course, he is sad for what pay a small pension. Clear that the system is unfair."
Man: "Not paid pensioners hard to live for these funds. And, of course, it is unfair that one pay more — those who are sitting in their offices and write, and a hard worker, who work hard, gets a pittance. Most elderly people groans and cries of these pensions. "
Man: "My mother worked all his life in the factory, received 400-450 rubles, and pensions took about 230 thousand.’s And try to survive on the money."
Lady: "It would be something to reconsider in the pension system, but who it will make, from us, it does not depend on. "
Lady: "For example, I worked 40 years, and some will not work, and receives the same pension as I am. Is this true? Look, doctor with higher education receives the same pension as a cleaning lady. "
Her friend: "One hundred percent support. Though I am still young yet special, but we are outraged by the injustice of the pension system. Well salaries doctors receive is the same as a nurse. Razed us."
Man: "And there decent? Give this licked pension and have to pay for everything — for the apartment for the light, you need something to eat. "
Reporter: "Tell me, please, what you have and what kind of pension seniority?"
Man: "I worked for years on May 30 and received the first 180 thousand. And now, if you give 300 thousand, it will be the maximum."
Lady: "I do not want to read this topicHow earned, and we have … "
Man: "Certainly, all the same unfair system. Until I retired, but I can see how he lives his father. Obviously pensions are not enough, and he worked up to seventy years. Limited at all — especially if you want to go somewhere."
Lady: ‘work life, with seniority of 30 and four years to receive a pension 303 thousand — it is very not enough. When our lives retirees need money for drugs, 100 thousand at the apartment, and life is about 70 thousand. Live unreal. Earlier each pensioner has set aside funds to destruction, and now we have it all gone, we are abroad poverty. "

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