Poll Freedom: We can not freely express their thoughts


Man: "I have the world if we do everything according to the law, it is true. If not, then we are punished for it. Laws has not been canceled and you have to live by the law. If we break the law, we will have anarchy . "
Correspondent "Andrei Klimov was sentenced to two years bullpen for appeals on the Web" to overthrow the government. "How do you feel about this?"
Woman: "It is as usual: try to scare us all, flatten and bring the nightmare. Naturally, no justice in this, it’s bad. But we not that many can do, we can only maintain solidarity. "
Man: "Personally, I agree. During this and should be given jail. Look, at least in any other country — make appeals against the authorities, immediately put on handcuffs and jail jail. And we have these homegrown opposition, they’re here let rise."
Reporter: "How do you feel about this situation?"
Lady: "neutral. Since I do not know ethe man, not read his expression. First you need to read, and later to draw any conclusions. "
Guy: "It is not good — put man. And against the government too, not everything can be read. Must around its own measure. "
Lady: "In 1991 we expect democracy, and we all the same closed mouth. And we can not freely express their thoughts. Always been so, and that the "for" and "against" was. And there are always a compromise. But do not always adored those who expressed a different world, at the same time expressed his sharply.
And there was war where people stumbled with neuvvyazkami, sat down at the negotiating table. I’d love to have the house so much. But, you know, I think the fear that there our country. And what will be in the coming two to three years, it will be scary. "
Man: "I do not understand what is happening in our country. Fact that many people give such time for me lurking. Well, free country."
Andrei Klimov of the first political prisoners sentenced to a severe regime, 10.09.2007 • Why the government was silent about the verdict Andrei Klimov?, 19.04.2007

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