Poll: how people relate to the planned strike business?

Man: "Of course, positive. Everyone has the right to defend their rights . "
Man: "Entrepreneurs do a good deed. This is — first. In-2, when they merged, then we have common interests. Means, it deserves attention. I welcome this and wish them fortune. "
Man: "I — CEO. Large company. Normally work and pay my taxes. And nothing, everything in my order. A discussion and exits to the outside is done by those who do not want to work."
Reporter: "What are you doing to start with the intention of business on September 1st strike against random seizures by controlling bodies?"
Guy: "You have to fight, of course. By my views, already very much. Of people squeeze the last. "
Woman: "How I think, businessmen need to express their plainclothes position, if they wish to bring something to the authorities. This is fine, I think. "
Lady: "Naturally, we must fight. For their huge installed padatki.Tamu must protest. This is not an easy job."
Lady: "Indeed, their very highest taxes. Now market Entrepreneurship — big structure and competitiveness of large. Turns out that a lot of revenues decreased in comparison with previous years."
Reporter: "What are you doing before the planned strike businessmen?"
Woman: "It is not enough chances for success, but all the same it is necessary to strive to achieve their own."
Guy: "I support the business, you need to fight for their rights. So we did not choked taxes. To ensure normal working conditions. "
Man: "I believe that entrepreneurs are not enough to pay taxes — they hide half. If taxes were the usual — as in Russia, they would have paid properly, should not have to hide anything."
Man: "Indeed, in our country businesses under pressure. Taxes are huge. Supervisory bodies much. Attention must be rejected from the real buyers to show inspectors documents — licenses and certificates. "

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