Poll: is it true pension system in Belarus?

Lady: "I know that their pensions for civil servants in their employment. While she has not been faced with this, because I do not know this is true or not. But I think, it must dyferentsyyavats according to seniority, the criterion of labor and so on . "
Lady: "pension system must be reformed, so bring it to everyone. To integrate its award to the motherland, the people. To consider the work of the people who occupied positions malaprestyzhnyya. Example, junior medical staff, or the education system. Because without these people and their work live unreal. "
Lady: "No, of course. Indeed, I have elderly father — and I know that it is not enough to life. And my personal perspective, too, not a lot of fun."
Reporter: "Or a fair pension system in Belarus?"
Man: "No, completely. How can live on such funds? "
Lady: "I think that is unfair. I have a cousin, he was the last Colonel. So he says that he lacks his pension. And my mother worked all her life on the farm, and they are, these old women now receive a penny. "
Man: "Here I am in soon I think why I did not go into the army, why I did not go to the police on the basis of Professor? After all those years it is a pity that the work, work, and do not deserve all the pensions. "
Lady: "You know, justice in the world at all. Everyone has their own idea of justice. ‘Cause talk about the whole pension system, I can not. I own pension happy because she worked in law enforcement. Actually, my friends, with teachers and lekarak they live bad ".
Lady: "I do not know. Everyone worked, earned some money, and with the numbered. If I had a large salary, I would have got more. And so — how many get so much and get. Thank God. "

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