Portraits Orlova — as if the poem in his own ekanomnastsi and saturation

261 minutes, the last portrait in the book "Names of Freedom" — Avginya Denisova grandmother Vladimir Orlov, who secretly baptized own grandson in Kopyskay church ("the one where for some reason not to baptize small Sasha Lukashenko"). Vladimir Orlov says that many are pondering how to finish a book.
"I wish that the last character was not just a worthy this man, and the man who played a crucial role in my life. And I decided that such person Avginya was my grandmother — my mother’s mother. She was my first teacher and whiteRussian language, and my first teacher of history. She made me the first inoculation of truth and dissent. I still feel a strong bond with her grandmother lurking, although it has long left this world. "
"Every portrait — a text equivalent of photography"
In "It is freedom" has an essay not only about my grandmother Vladimir Orlov, and of her grandmother Danchika (Bogdan Andrusishina) — Janina Kochanowski. And the last line in it: "I expect a book that writes about his own grandmother Danchyk. He word.
Danchyk: "I think that all the beauty and uniqueness of this book — in a format that the creator chose to apply all of these biographies of prominent Belarusian patriots. Every journalist knows that it is easier to write a report debts than small. Orlova A portraits — as if poem in his own ekanomnastsi and saturation.
Vividly I see it in an essay about my grandmother Vladimir Janina Kochanowski, a feature of human and property from which the creator gave up custody of surprise. Each portretik — actually few paragraphs — a text equivalent of the photo. Say, looked, read and vyznat. "
Presentation of the book "Names of Freedom" in Minsk and the Web — Friday, September 21. The address in Minsk — "Varvashenya", 8, beginning at 18:00. The address on the web — svaboda.org.
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