Posture of each student are half a million rubles

At Mrs. Ella four children. In This year eldest daughter is in first grade. Ella is currently on maternity leave, working single father. Ella has calculated how much it will cost to fix daughter to school:
"If you take everything: shoes, shape, physical shape — 400-500 thousand least necessary to ensure that all buy. "
Reporter: "This is for the girls of six years, in first class?"
Ms. Ella: "We are here still lucky: she had time to grow around. Here are 50 thousand of state aid, which give a large family to prepare the kid to school — is naturally funny. Only in plasticine and paint.’s Faster emotional support than financial. "
The most a cheap set of written articles for first Belarusian-Russian production — pencils, pens, notebooks, ruler, paint, clay — worth 65 thousand rubles. Satchel — 35 thousand and above. Business suit for most first-graders deshevenky — 79 thousand. For a child — from 110 thousand to 200. Excellent, of course, have another couple of pants to replace (40 thousand).
Shirt for boy-Belarusian production from 17 to 25 thousand, they should be least three or four. Shoes. Pantopli on boy — from 40 to 100 thousand. Sneakers — 30 thousand. Still need to form sports, sneakers, removable shoes.
Girlfriend at all worth a little more expensive. Well, jackets, skirts and blouses devchenke more useful. Counted. It turns out that the most necessary handy 500 — 600 thousand. By the way, this does not include fees for textbooks, supplementary aids, notebook with a printed base, atlases, contour maps. Only on clothes, shoes and accessories at least written.
With these figures, agrees economist Mike Zaleski, in which two students, and only five kids:
"I saved up for two months of rest one million. Plus another 100 thousand help — it’s close to get better in 2-school students. Closely! This is taking into account the fact that the guy has the older kids is something: sports uniforms, sneakers, something. And so could be and more, so that the real number. "
Improve kid in school asks parents not only significant money, but also asks a lot of effort searches nerves. Economist Mike Zaleski treat it philosophically:
"The government Tipo declares that she spends demographic policy and education policy. Conducting these 2-policies should promote and detanarazhalnastsi and education and upbringing of these kids. On Actually it turns out that for people who are not ready to accept it as torture or as satisfaction and wish to live comfortably, for their education and sending kids to school and become a challenge for health and for the purse. "
Poll in Mogilev: "School — precious pleasure" 20.08.2007

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