Power made a real hunt for the Young

Valery: "celebrating 940 years and Minsk only boasted that in the capital there are 7 wonders. This Trinity suburb, Government House, the government and the Opera and Ballet Theatre. These miracles could be more, but some durachiny from power undermined the monument to Stalin. Suppose he stood as the Sphinx in Egypt, as it is our history. "
Emperor, Minsk district: "In your gear missing quite severe analytical information on the political and economic situation of our neighbors. If there are reported from Poland Dzikavitski, from the Baltic countries and Ukraine — no. For something with a surplus of endless wandering through the villages where nothing ever not solved. gets the impression that elected more simple and easy operation on this issue. "
Lady, "Alexander Lukashenko, I appeal to you to. Tell me, please, as you read by television and radio, that you stand for men and children.’s Not true. Volkovich Why shut down in school? Ibid cancel two-story school. Babes go more than 20 miles to school! Currently more. You states that in rural areas is not enough people. were not many and will not be enough! Nobody fussing about them not: If a person wants to live in the countryside, you do not give it a turn! Bureaucrats his abrazhvayuts, humiliated. You understand it perfectly, and look at it relaxed. Why such anarchy you, then you state that help people.’s not true! Stop You heresy When I listen to your speech, I hunt spit for you in the eye! During your nesumlennasts! During your injustice! During your negligence, You do not care about the people you care only pairs hockey, football and nothing else! So, really, at the moment not enough people die from hunger, but soon and cold, and hunger, as the people are not fussing, people abandoned! sassy people lying eyes! You added a small pension, a penny! And God raised prices knows how to! A quality! Priobretesh bread for the money if still warm, in other words, you can, and when cool, then I’m sorry for being rude, it is not a dog wants not what man! We have also a desolation! What our ancestors put their heads? "
Lady: "We kindly request you to order, the editors of Radio Liberty. Build your program from so as to give Danchika dapets song. Constantly breaks off in mid-sentence. Total left only two weeks. His songs, not clicks in Pamidorau. Need some respect. "
Man: "If Chief G. boast that last year’s elections gave the order to reduce their winning percentages, it appears logical question to the main ladies electoral commission. Tu percent difference divided equally into 3 other candidates, or added it only candidate of the liberals? And in a democratic same society for such words and deeds of both parties promised municipal resignation and an explanation of the Constitutional Court. "
Man: "We’ll wait as long as we note that the opposition would like lord. Slowly lukashisty and adopt a strategy and slogans.’s Curious who in the audience of" Freedom "sent a note that" Russian Belarus "has published a call" Long live Minsk! "As it goes on, it seems that soon we note that appears and" Long live Belarus! "I wish that you had such a study, if anyone saw, drew attention to this phenomenon. "
Nicholas: "Power made a real hunt for the Young and Paul Sevyarinets probably wants to rot in jail. Indeed, after a two-year reference it is the third time thrown in jail. How can sneer patriots who are not indifferent to the fate of Russia! Authorities think what you’re doing! Fear God! You mortify our future! "
Man: "I appeal to the deputy Sergei Haidukevich. Tell me, please, what you yourself will nationality …. I looked on TV, as he spoke Gaiduchevici, such heresy read, even in a foreign language. If he Belarusian, so why on whiteRussian language did not say this Soviet heresy "b y." He boasts that his salary and pension even military and parliamentary means folk gets. Simply impossiblecould listen as he spoke his heresy. "
Lady: "Gaiduchevici — retired. In addition, a deputy of the Belarusian parliament. It is clear now, where did the percentage increase in their pension. Besides dodging, that Lukashenko he pays nothing. A percentage increase in their pension — what is this? Do not charge? Beggars defraud pensioners and put in your own pocket. In such deputies pensioners have no shame or conscience. "
"Deputy Gaiduchevici, retired, to gain their own pension increase will add my 14 thousand, and divide in half, and he will know how much he took me in the pocket."
Lady: "Pochetaemaya" Freedom! "Listener for which Krapivinskaya field -" just fun, "" just struggle of the Slav tribes "for power. Read that Slavic tribes zmeshvalisya other non-Slavic, and Belarusians — a mixture of Slavs and Balts. Not know whether this is so, and from whom zmeshvalisya other Slavic tribes. Maybe Mongol yoke mingled. But that mindset we have different — that’s for sure. Personally, I am proud of my forefathers, their Slavic tribe. It is not won back the lands of others, not watered cut, defended her God-given land. Yet our prazdnichkom will, I believe! "Freedom," thank you. "
Jackiewicz Alexander, Vitebsk: "On my eyes, is redistribution of posts. Can zvolits from work and my wife, because it is necessary to young kiddies officials and those who are young, impudent, maybe pyakney, and they need post. At the present moment nothing is unrealistic to achieve. No employment. Trample all in agricultural towns. "

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