PR move during the crisis, to prevent the outflow of deposits likely

The theme of this issue of the weekly "Bel" — U.S. presidential election. In the article "The United States of Obama" journalists and analysts seek out answers to the question whether it means coming to a whitewashed house Barack Obama configuration between the U.S. and Belarus, reports deputy editor of Victor Martinovic:

"Victory Barca Obama is also winning Belarus because Obama — the new man in a white house. Due to the fact that most likely at the moment will start to change management paradigm in the United States. And authorities Belarus will easier to agree on improving relations without losing face. Because at the moment is a situation that specifically Belarus should make some concessions to make the best case. "
Newspaper "Belarusians and Market" in the current issue devotes a series of articles relating to the economic crisis and the anti-crisis program there Belarusian authorities. The publication ‘anti-PR steps Belarusian liberalization "creator Ira Krylovich examine the effectiveness of the control of the country in the stabilization of the banking system:
"We are talking about a presidential decree and a decree guaranteeing deposits. Meanwhile government, and Lukashenko himself Prokopovych strongly emphasized that this is not an anti-crisis measure. Just came a moment when you need to make some decisions. But, in fact, nothing has changed. And the faster it looks like a PR move during the crisis in order to prevent the probable outflow of deposits from banks. "

Four others could shine from 8 to 15 years’ imprisonment

Is independent publication "Brest newspaper" in most fresh issue published an article "The boys played at a construction site in maniacs", in which reported details of the criminal atrocities. Four 12-13 year olds came on the scene with 3 devchenkami 8-12 years to play hide and seek, but was forced to give them sexy girlfriends services. Reports deputy editor Tatiana Piskur:
"Four others could shine from 8 to 15 years in prison. But, according to the Belarusian legislation, the responsibility for the violence sexy temperament comes with only 14 years. Because their ancestors were fined, and the commission on juvenile took the initiative to bring teens in a special school."

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