Premature vote undermined the authorities’ efforts

Will international observers see the real picture of the entire electoral process? These and other questions are answered by a human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich.
Tsigankov"What types of violations recorded in these elections more often, which means violations beheld observers?"
Stefanovic"The government, I think, again returned to this type of fraud as opening the boxes and early voting ballots substitution. I think this is due to the fact that maybe they want to arrange a demonstration later count in areas where running for such known opposition figures as Liabedzka. Indeed specifically there, surrounded by Liabedzka there was a scandal with a seal that has been photographed, and it does not match what looked like previously. In Brest Maley recorded that the print image is different.
Premature vote, as in past campaigns, causes immense criticism. What we litsezreem presently, and previously formed the story. This forced role in the voting. On the website of human rights organization "Spring 96" provided a number of facts about it. Here and alert in schools where it is written that teachers voted early, and statements where teachers raspisvalisya they voted early (from Baranovichi sent), and so on.
Generally premature vote in our conditions, when it is very difficult to track down, there Box is a very scary thing. And the fact that in the final report says the overall figure results — we’ll never know what classifications were premature vote. "
Tsigankov"Can respectively evaluate these trends, international observers? They give attention only because behold the themselves, a fact, not suspicion, and they can not always be seen that behold the Belarusian observers .. Is there any danger?"
Stefanovic"I think that the authorities deliberately made an excellent picture of the outside to cause the illusion of a measured campaign. But it seems to me premature vote would seriously undermine these efforts by the authorities, and it does not go unnoticed observer mission of the OSCE (because the CIS observers never anything negative not behold the).
Now I’m looking through the advice and comments that made the OSCE mission in the elections in 2004. In fact, nothing much has changed. Because I think the conclusions are clear. Maybe they will note that some steps are better than the past — for example, the agitation was not accompanied by withdrawal of candidates and arrests of distributors. We’ll see more, how will vote count, observers fail if our actual build it and not sit at 20 meters away from the table and did not create and do not hear. I seem to assume that the elections meet international standards and obligations to the OSCE, Belarus who took upon himself as a member of the OSCE — no reason. "

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