Presented a brand new book historians of Glybochchyny

In Zalessk school Sharipkin Gregory teaches history. And the brand new book by him, and actually devoted to the history of local places and the history of education in the region
Sharipkin: "I have outlined the history of education since 1870. Maybe it is not a scientific sensation, but such was not yet written about any one school. Ethnographer As I tried to dig up the story, wanted her to convey to the people."
Thanks to the efforts of Gregory SHARIPKIN Zalessk in high school created museum. Together with his students, he developed and special tourist route which gives you the opportunity to meet with local building and monuments to visit places associated with the name Joseph Drozdovich.
Sovereign Sharipkin engaged local history since 1992. Not counting the "Stories Zalessk school," wrote the study "History Zalesskaya estate" and "History Zalesskaya edge." Currently he is working on the latest book — about numismatics Glybochchyny.

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