Previous deputy makes self Committee

Reporter: "We talk to Sergei Kuzmenkov. I had heard about the yard committees, and that such committee of local self-government?"
Kuzmenok: "There is a law on self-government, which stipulates that in neighborhoods in the community can be created territorial governance committees on the basis of the public, and this body can participate in the life of the neighborhood, the yard or the street particularly at the executive level. It can keep under control work, it may bring proposals and, accordingly, to affect the lives in the neighborhood where people live. "
Reporter: "I think, authorities usually put off at least some initiatives from below. "
Kuzmenok: "Yes, the executive said, Lest it came from the people. But I believe that if it will go specifically to the people themselves, even in the small town life will change."
Reporter: "I heard that in the housing and maintenance departments to learn that there was an initiative to develop self-dwellers, and so began to stir something to do, is it true?"

"When people start to think — it’s great for everyone, for the government, too."

Kuzmenok: "Yes, we have not even begun to spread information about the development of the territorial committees, as in the neighborhood" Vishnevets "began work on the improvement."
Reporter: "You have been a deputy of the City Council. How many can assist residents and their constituents deputy? "
Kuzmenok: "Under the deputies of local councils, his role is reduced to retiring. This is nonsense, even more so if we claim that the deputy — this legislature on Actually it is purely advisory. "
Reporter: "What do you think will register you will not be resistance from the authorities?"
Kuzmenok: "I hope all the same common sense, because I think that when people start to think it’s great for everyone, for the government as a whole, because to deprive some wraith. But honestly, of course, there is doubt. U I have a little experience in the executive branch, and I can come to the conclusion that it is very willing to listen to people. "

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