Prices will rise to almost all

Deputy Economy Minister Vladimir Adashkevich states that increase the price of natural gas imported from Russia, while not significantly impact on the welfare of the Belarusians.
According bureaucrat brunt after rising gas prices by 114% took over the real economy:
"Not so much on the population we sought to shift all the price hike … Naturally, the enormous burden carried the real sector. Increasing gas from January 2007, for the real sector amounted to 89.5%. For the population — 20%, in electricity — also 20 %. to the thermal energy to change the rates of 12%.
Taking into account the social orientation of the policy in the state, it is clear that the real sector should bear a huge burden to smooth price increase for the population and that under no circumstances prevent reduction of growth in real exchange earnings. "
Become a luxury and public transport?
Ministry spokesman admitted soon we should expect the price spikes in virtually all sectors of the economy.
For eight months of this year, prices for petroleum products sold at gas stations, rose 15%. August 30, the price of travel in public transport in Minsk jumped by 20% (from 500 to 600 rubles), regional fare instead of the previous 420 rubles will cost floorthousand rubles per trip.
According to Vladimir Adashkevich, despite the fact that This year be threshed grain than last year, Belarus will have to buy abroad about 200 thousand tons of elite species of wheat, coarse grains also.
Because in September plans to increase the price of bread — an average of 3%, and flour — by 4.5%. Vladimir Adashkevich also said that 2% in August and also a 2% rise in September, prices for milk.
For bread and milk — utilities?
Economic analyst Valentin Mackiewicz draws attention the fact that the bread and dairy products — a strategic product group, which in the most difficult periods must be publicly available:
"It’s more basic products, which are very very controlled. And if the authorities have ventured into such a step, the case is severe. Naturally, bread and everything else attracted to energoelementah. Hold as they could — they kept the prices are not raised very long.
But nowhere have expected mercy, soon joined by other spheres. First, utilities. Perhaps, this is the hardest question. At that price, and so the highest approaching cold season, October. And from the increase can not escape. Because subsequent step would naturally be adjustments to utility bills. Get here and the water: that its gain and pumped, energy is needed. Energy needed everywhere. "
The cost of gas in 2008 — Enigma?
What to expect from 2008, when gas prices will be adjusted upward? Deputy Economy Minister Vladimir Adashkevich relies on the fruit of negotiations with the management of.
"We have a variety of configurations gas prices. But now, no one will call you for a certain price of gas, which will be offered to Belarus from Russia in 2008.’ll Tell you why. There are certain moments.
In May, the Russian Federation adopted a resolution concerning the internal regulation of prices in Russian Federation. There are many new moments in which laid approaches to setting prices for Russian entities, and in this context we have and its approaches, and to develop and expectations. Because there are calculations on the various options. But now the price of gas directly to 2008 Nobody would call. And I am too. "
But more companies without waiting for fruitful negotiations in Moscow, proactively seek to raise prices on their products. For example, from this point on a 3% increase in prices for vodka.

Deputy Minister of Economy: more expensive all …

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