Prosecutors warn opposition

Opposition members believe that the authorities are trying to reduce such makarom number of potential participants in a street protest.

Anton KoipishPrescription for violating the law on mass events presented, namely, democracy activists Anton Koipish. Anton said, "Freedom", yesterday evening at his home and the police came two guys in civilian clothes. They invited him to come for an interview on September 26, the prosecutor’s office of the Central district of Minsk.
Anton told Koipish:
"After I said that I can not come to an interview, they gave me a formal warning about violating the law, signed by the prosecutor of the Central district of Minsk.
I am informed that if I will participate in public events in the day of elections, it will bear responsibility therefor according to law.
I replied that I hope to engage the entire election day observation. I believe that the authorities are afraid of specifically those people, which has long been intensely manifest themselves on the streets. "

Viktor IvashkevichViktor Ivashkevich is currently in Kobrin. Called him, also in the evening, police inspector and invited to visit the Russian prosecutor’s office district. Viktor Ivashkevich said he was on a business trip and can not come to an interview.
"Preventive conversation foreseen by law and may be with those who are in such violations have attracted … Another thing is that this pressure because nobody gave no orders and was not going to organize a mess.
As for calls to come to the area — that people there and so every day come. Until GUM also a lot of people come without special applications. And in the square on Sunday people can come. This is not a violation of the law. "
In the last days of the year the other day Will youth activists were summoned to the prosecutor’s office for an interview, where they were warned about the responsibility, if they come at an unsanctioned rally. Yesterday late in the evening the police threw in several mailboxes Malady agenda to the prosecutor.
Voice Anastasia Palazhanka:

Anastasia Palazhanka"At This year the Young hiking ignore the prosecutor’s office. Called and said, "Excuse me, you come to my apartment at 7 am and says that I should be in the prosecutor’s office at 9:30. Do not. I am a person who is planning its own day, and I have other plans."
Behavior of police officers and prosecutors that they days are, and can practically yesterday received the order to intimidate the youth activists, leading them to "live a prosecutor" to the prosecutor.

Decoy "case of 14" Artem Dubskiy, serving his sentence in Asipovichy vyznat now that it amounted to an abuse report, which he did Tipo. Artem believes that such makarom authorities try to block it, so he did not go to Minsk.

Artem Dubskiy"How could I not let September 24 police officers to discover the apartment. Actually I called the intercom. Them I opened the door, and they are not coming to the apartment, as usual, checked my papers and left. Everything happened because there is always . Never in my apartment, they did not come.
Now suddenly they made me report. I believe that most likely started a "preventyv" the other day on September 28. "
Wishing to visit the prosecutor’s office for prophylactic conversation yet. Malady remember how last year after such discussions they were detained at the entrances and later arrested on charges of hooliganism small.

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