Pushkin: After my arrest I had to visit the field of battle of Orsha

On the 11th morning, activists from Minsk and Orsha came to meet Ales Pushkin and Alexei Janushkevich to a temporary detention facility.
But police, determined not to allow this meeting, previously taken and artist youth activist Orsha railway station. Find them succeeded already in train.
At the request of Ales Pushkin friends took him to the Krapivinskaya field where last weekend owed go bard festival "Orsha Battle 2007".
Now travel to the historic sites, where in 1514 was accomplished winning Orsha battle was already free. And no signs of there a day or three in a row worked Demining Group, present not seen.
Ales Pushkin said that purposely tried to these places before leaving home.
Pushkin: We each have a spouse, kids, but there are Belarus, there are values that everyone chooses himself. Therefore first — Krapivinskaya on the field. And then go to the spouse, kids, dig potatoes, paint, do stained glass window in the church Tolochin.
Specially to meet with the conclusion of Ales Pushkin and Alexei Yanushevski Orsha poet Yevgeny Kozlov wrote a poem — also about the motherland and loyalty Belarus:
Our truth — a saint. We will be able to sustain the verdict and bullpen, and death fighters. With us, however, is with us our powerful God. Our republic is free again!
Anthem "God Almighty" sounded now commemorative cross erected in Krapiuna field for the memory of fallen soldiers Belarusian here. Usually from it every year starting Festival "Orsha battle," and now it sang those who forbade ado it week reversed — a day of Belarusian Military Glory.
Alexei Januszewski and Ales Pushkin after release.
Krapivinskoye field.

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