Pushkin: I could be another political prisoner

Tatiana Rybakov referee decided to punish Ales Pushkin and Alexei Yanushevski arrest for seven days. Three days out of the 7 accused had already served in Orsha temporary detention.
The judge’s decision was amazed and angered those present at the trial, as no one witness has not confirmed the guilt Alexei Yanushevski. The local police did not even have shown that the young man involved in the kidnapping of the flag area.
Local human rights activist Vasily Levchenko meant Yanushevski at the end of the court immediately unleash from custody.
"No sooner lawyer said, that wine Yanushevski not confirmed. Because it is unclear what he is being punished as well as Ales Pushkin. Certainly, there are prerequisites for this. Maybe because this case political one. "
Ales Pushkin has also stated that Alex Januszewski has nothing to do with the incident, and to ensure that the tribunal acquitted the guy. Painter admitted his guilt even a day or three back, during the first trial.
Now the end of the process, he again stressed that his action — a protest against the detention of members of the bard festival "Battle of Orsha — 2007" and attempts to disrupt the event.
"By this I protested against the illegal imprisonment. Belarusian We forbade singing songs to keep in mind about the glory and honor of the Battle of Orsha, so we do not encourage young people to fight the totalitarian state.
Because I blasphemed municipal symbols and municipal flag emissions. And young people who beheld what I do, of course: there are peaceful forms of struggle, without explosions and blood. I am a painter, and this resistance has been focused my creative impulse! "- Said Pushkin.
Ales Pushkin said in court that it does not scare the prospect of becoming another political prisoner, and he is ready for what he deemed a criminal act of crime. It Pushkin present greeted with applause.
Cuddya beginning of the current court made virtually closed: the detainees were taken to the courtyard of the court building and secretly held in a hall where the case.
Several 10’s of people who came to support Ales Pushkin and Alexei Yanushevski the judgment was not allowed without explaining the background.
Get into the courtroom they managed only after, as a human rights activist Aleh Grablevsky wrote a complaint to the Chairman of the Court of Orsha wrongful acts Judge Tatyana Rybakova.
Sentence Ales Pushkin and Alexei Yanushevski end on Sunday September 16.
Tomorrow Orsha temporary detention should leave one of the favorites to create a party "Belarusian Christian Democracy" Dennis Sadowski. He was also arrested during the bard festival "Battle of Orsha — 2007" and was arrested for 5 days, allegedly for disorderly conduct.

Those who came to support and Yanushevski Pushkin, the courtroom was not allowed

Case of Pushkin and Yanushevski not listed in the working schedule of the judge. Human rights activists believe that it is also an attempt to make the process closed

Human rights activist Aleh Grablevsky complaint is the chairman of the court of Orsha

Policemen forbid photographing convicted even after the process

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