Quote a day or September 3

"I’m not worried, I am not afraid, because they do not consider myself an offender. I did not break the law. Legislation should coincide with what human norms and human values. And what has the Penal Code, which entered into such an article, I believe that this Criminal Code invalid and unconstitutional. During the trial, as well as at the moment, I do not recognize their own guilt. I will not participate in the trial. distrust and outright speak for the arbitrator, because I do not consider this tribunal laws in general. charges and considered illegitimate. "

The Young, a student of 11th grade Salihorsk Ivan Shyla court recently on charges of participating in an unregistered organization
"I was sure that if justice exists, it will be in our favor. And if not, we lose. We are very happy with the result. It means that there is still justice and ordinary people still have in including middle of the arbitrators. "

Nina Skrabets mom Skrabets opposition, after the decision of the court of Minsk Pershamajski not withdraw homepage Skrabets parents’ property for the debts of the offspring

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