Radovan Karadzic was hiding either in Belarus?

Florance Hartmann in 2000-2006 years was assistant Attorney General Carla del Ponte.
In his book "Peace and Punishment" she argues that in November 1997, when Bosnia was under NATO control had be elections, Russian urgently plane evakuavav Radovan Karadzic for several months in Belarus.
The representative of the State Security Committee of Belarus Valery Nadtochaev Radio Liberty on request to confirm or deny the approval of Ms. Hartmann said:
"Nothing I can tell on this occasion, as it is not familiar with this topic. I do not know, where did she get this information. "
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also did not comment on the statement of Mrs. Hartmann.
"We closed this information. Arrived, used and sent …"
Rumors that favorite Bosnian Serb some time hiding in Belarus, were more than once. Former chairman of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation Militia Lieutenant General Mieczyslaw fungus does not reject such options:
"Management of Belarus supported the then management of Yugoslavia. Were great affairs of Belarus supported Milosevic in all directions. Believes that all that they are doing it correctly, while others interfere in their internal affairs. Especially since, that we have all this information is locked, nothing gets nowhere. Arrived, used and expelled. I believe that it can be. "
"Some people get away from Russia via Belarus or from other states"
With regard to the issue of precedents wanted criminals, then in 1994 the Belarusian authorities arrested and handed over control of illegal Lithuanian special services the Lithuanian Communist Party Mykolas Burokevičius and Juozas Jarmalavičius.
But after an operation cost posts KGB chairman Eduardo Shirkovskogo and Chairman of Internal Affairs Vladimir Yegorov.
By the way, the Lithuanian Prosecutor General’s Office failed to seek the extradition party communist coup in Lithuania in 1991 — General Vladimir Uskhopchyk, who was the Deputy Minister of Defence of Belarus.
In This year Russian media reported that the head of "Rosneft" Misha Gutseriev, which is declared in the international wanted list, flew to Turkey through Minsk.
And in 2003, the newspaper "New-york Times" referring to senior officials of the U.S. government claimed that some leading figures of the former Iraqi regime, among them two sons of Saddam Hussein, issued Belarusian passports.
At the same time the British newspaper "Independent" wrote about the detention of a bodyguard of Saddam Hussein, who found the Tipo Belarusian passports with various names. Belarusian authorities then denied all of this information.
Mieczyslaw Mushroom pays its attention to such a feature:
"Some people get away from Russia via Belarus or from other states, as well as Belarusians flee from their own authorities through Russia, through Ukraine. Phenomenon quite ordinary. Pozniak As the same, he is not left out of Belarus, as I remember, through Ukraine. From Belarus does not have the ability. There is a two-, three-way practice. "

International military tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague blames former favorite Bosnian Serbs Radovan Karadzic in organizing the massacres of Bosnian Muslims and Croats.
According to the UN departments Karadzic killed more than six thousand Muslims in the town of Srebrenica in 1995 and shelled the Bosnian capital Sarajevo. After the Dayton Peace Accords, completed the Bosnian war, Karadzic disappeared.
Florance Hartmann writes in his memoirs that if the United States and our homeland objection made the arrest of former Bosnian Serb favorite, who was the international wanted list.
According to Hartmann, the last in 1997, French President Jacques Chirac had intended to carry out the operation, so catch Radovan Karadzic, but the last U.S. President Bill Clinton, with the support of the then favorites England and Germany, Chirac assured not to aggravate this question, in the main due to the objections of.

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