Raids against the Nazis did maladagvardeytsav. Belarusian authorities conducted raids against the Young

Ilya Kopil, Minsk: "Hello," Freedom! "During II World War I raids against the Nazis did maladagvardeytsav. Belarusian authorities are ruthless raids against the Young. What a resemblance! History repeats itself. Thank you for your attention. "
Nina Yarmolinskaya Soligorsk "heartily welcome you, dear friends! On trial Ivan Shyla prosecutor read the content of the telephone discussions with his friends Ivan. That’s up to the shameful now reached power. Thank you. "
Man: "Stalin Line" — the title of the fascist invaders. In Russian historiography, it was just a line of fortifications on the border of an old state and consisted of separate ditches, fortified areas. Just as "Mannerheim Line" in Finland — title invaders Red Army. Finnish historical literature gives its name "Position Enckell" — by the name of its builder-General.
Why do we have such a title "The Strip"? Maybe what the plague had seen the head of the German chronicles of 1941, in which a haughty rapartavalasya that "valiant German troops, successfully overcoming" Stalin Line ", confidently controlled the east, to Moscow." With all due respect to the memory of the dead, special heroism in Minsk fortified region story does not mention … "
Lady: "Pochetaemaya" Freedom "I quite patiently waiting for an answer to his own question. Reversing two weeks I wanted to ask a bureaucrat who invented increase pensions as a percentage, from which it came, when he proposed such a system? In which European country and the world, there supplementary pension Percentage? If all pensions were monotonous, bonus percentage would have a conventional business. But because various factors seniority, pension and then also different. And so and allowances as a percentage of unfair. If I can hear the answer to my question? let listeners listen to my reply "Freedom" — their the topic also intrigue. And I do not exclude the possibility that they will be with me in solidarity. "
Aleksander Jackiewicz, Vitebsk: "I’d love for you to call, but raised tariffs for calls. I do not know what will happen. I do not only for you to and throughout Belarus hunt call capacity. And many more where. This one .
Second. You know, in our country very best pensions. If the disabled child receives first own life some 100 thousand, then in 15 years, he gets 100 thousand. This is the best equality, I think …
They put me in such conditions that I do nothing and I can not do normally. As thecamping, if the dog does notwhat to do, you yourself understand that. You — only outlet to me. For you can call and just share … "

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