Rakovsky at fair prices resemble telephone numbers

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Emperor, Minsk: "Pochetaemaya" Freedom ", please tell what state the Rechitsky Chernobylets disability, who wished talk with Lukashenko, but was in intensive care? Now this disk imaging was not. Thank you. "
Vasily Siliverstov, Chernobyl liquidator, disabled group 2, Rechica: "Good day. I wish to ask a question. Who in Belarus currently imposed emergency rule? For what purpose did it and why are our favorites do not appeal to the Constitutional Court and international society, in order to give legal assessment of the emergency situation that has developed in These days are? A lot of arrests, detentions many unfounded. Execution goes over the "Junior front," over the liquidators of businessmen. Who can give an assessment, please explain to us. "
Lena, Minsk: "Hello," Freedom! "Yesterday I heard one of the shows is a perception that if Victor went to study at the Sorbonne or Cambridge, the country could happen any changes. Became something together and fun and insulting. Father Victor Lukashenko has two higher education, one of them historical. Yet, he the whole country before the cameras to say that Francis Skaryna lived and worked in St. Petersburg. But everyone knows that St. Petersburg was built almost 150 years later, after the death of Skarina. So sons Lukashenko has long and well understood that to live well and be in power, higher education — it’s just a formality. Gregory wrote Borodulin, "humped back to correct a grave, humpback soul — no power." But while there in Belarus is our beautiful young people, such as Seviarynets Dashkevich, Finkevich, Fedoruk, Palazhanka, Azarko, Vyachorka, a lot of them do not list all, the future of Belarus has. Long live Belarus! "
Larissa, Minsk: "As for price increases. On Rakovsky fair watch as people of all ages not only acquire and learn more prices. Sausages many different products. Prices bolshennymi written characters, not to ask. Prices resemble telephone numbers. C sellers who talking on the phone, and who gathered in twos and are sitting canceled impressions as spent the weekend. Here’s a picture. appears I have a question where are these later sausages. They gathered behind the counter very many. "
Vadim, Soligorsk "Brest" shuttles "do not agree with the decree number 760. They enjoyed over 10 years to exploit the labor of others without any liability for social security implementers. If you in fact want to be called businessmen open their businesses to dial as you want, people. Yet for all this over the opponent’s rogue security can not, because it has already requested another organization of work, as the conjugate of the whole society, and for the enterprise. Not like at the moment: if only to fill the pockets, and the other does not care for you. All human actions must be moral. You them only enough for themselves. "
Vasily Tyuhay Berezin: "Good day. Lukashenko On-site, I would not so often printed in municipal newspapers because" Sovetskaya Belorussia "most subscribers prescribed for household needs. Wrap Something, somewhere … And your bed there Lukashenko face in almost every room and municipal symbols. He provokes blasphemy. better to be independent in the printed press. attitude to her people more respectful, to paraphrase the words of the Bible, with the same paper carried newspapers for low and high use " .
Victor Butto, Minsk: "I have little to offer Milinkevich. Necessary in Minsk on October 14, 2007 to invite Russian journalists, Russian Federation President, representatives of the Russian bureaucratic clan. They should be spectators in the first row, because the spectacle to be didactic or veselitelnym. At one of these was in the slammer forever and even presidential candidate in Belarus. Thank you. "

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