Reason glory Belarusian ladies — the peculiarities of climate?

On the first page Molodechno "Regional newspapers" — Article "Correspondence school for talent." A cooperative project Vileika educational and intellectual center and the Academy of Postgraduate Education to significantly expand the ability of higher education for professional school students. The newspaper also is responsible for the incident a criminal case against the former director of the factory "Sputnik" Vladimir Verbitsky. His blame violations pay the salaries of workers — in the first quarter of 2007, they received an average of 327 thousand rubles, and the Director of the least sensitive 2 million.
Newspaper "New Era" continues the project of Alexander Tamkovich "Contemporary History in portraits." On This time creator writes about Poznyak. China famous scientist Boris remember those who survived the Stalinist repression. Editor says "New time" Alex Lord:
"The main emotion in stories these people — Belarusian sense, awareness of Belarusian history, the fate of his own people. Something they had not previously felt. Specifically it was concerned about Boris Kit. In this clash of 2-eras and 2-totalitarian giants. They want to save young people want to do something that can be Belarus . "
"Komsomolskaya Pravda in Belarus" examine national traits Belarusians using scientists. It turns out that particular climate and the composition of the earth may be causes extreme beauty of Belarusian ladies and famous Belarusian tolerance. Also on the pages of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" — about an Irish citizen who was sentenced to 18 months for the bullpen: preparation of pornographic movies with the role of the Belarusian children.

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