Referendum on the abolition of contracts will not be

Referee Zhukovskaja considered that a proposal to abolish the contract system does not comply with current legislation.
Specifically, such a conclusion was made by experts at the Ministry of Justice. And it came from the Central Election Commission refused to register when the Group.
Manage the activities of the group, chairman of the Belarusian trade union of radio industry Fedynich, disagrees:
"Today in our country there is no constitution and laws. Above him are presidential decrees and orders. A court’s decision, we will protest. "
Fedynich adds that activists will not be limited judicial protests:
"We will not abandon this work. What will do? Is it nice to members of the House of Representatives, but they will deal with our projects on labor criteria. We organize this work in all electoral surroundings. Deputies also wish to get out again. And I think it’s difficult for them to will do, if they do not fulfill requests of its own voters. "
Activist Valery Abakshanik from Brest also wants to continue to fight for the abolition of the contract system:
"I can see how the workers suffer. Now complete powerlessness for workers. They can not say the word critical against their superiors. Like what — out, went through the gate. And second. Today’s unions — they do not protect workers."
Tribunal now officially acknowledged that the CEC was wrong when I thought that at the founding meeting of the active group there was no quorum. A because it became one of the 2-circumstances refusal to register the group.
Victor Borushko Alexei Klokov and activists during the trial failed to substantiate its specific role in meeting in Bangalore Square.
By this occasion Fedynich notes:
"It states that, earlier findings that the CEC of presidential or parliamentary elections were also untested. Personal views of the CEC members were given for the overall outlook. "
The CEC did not register the active group against contracts, 26.06.2007

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