Rehabilitated victim of psychiatric repression Requests satisfaction of Lukashenko

The middle 60’s 20-year-old Luba Volobueva headed dyarzharhiv Krichevsky. In connection with the reorganization of the collective farms in the then began anew accrued pensions and certification. All this, says the source, is not accompanied by a small party of fraud and Russian leaders.
"It was a secret order not to let these people get 12 rubles pension. According ability inquiries about the experience of their work destroyed. I was invited to a personal meeting with the apartment on the secretary of a district Ayzenshtadtam. Rely on the fact that with all agree. I disagreed and asked why not help on your own site. Whereupon began "friendship" against me … "
During the next reorganization archives Mrs. Volobueva made redundant with the following wording in the characterization — "denigrate Soviet reality." By the time yarlychek, identical landing behind bars. Tribunal where Lyuba applied for protection of the rights, pointed it at the first psychiatric examination.
"Dr. Morozov of the Institute of Psychiatry named after the Serbian reads:" And you can not denigrate the Soviet reality .. "
Right next to each examination for disabled youth movement authorities needed for weeks in court corridors. Weeks dragged on and torturing "conversation" with Russian psychiatry and there was no answer to honey questions — for example, the attitude towards the Communist Party. Her courage and perseverance during the meeting appreciated the Andrei Sakharov.
"As I said, the chief psychiatrist of 250 people that we recognize on the mental level awake, no one has on that decision. 16 years, as I have …"
But the sufferings D. Love on not over: it was never returned to work.
"I’m not retired pay, work is not given, archivists that didand with me, not prabachayutstsa — do not care. "Loss of health, and the result is no …"
Not so long ago, Mrs. Volobueva appealed to Lukashenko to make a real and moral costs, assist renovate the house, also a pension for length of service rather than disability.
"This correction could be 80% of your earnings, President. Sotke All the same people I used to retire retained. Longish I most palitrepresiya — ’44. Large experience of civil servants — ’46. Have respect, I deserve this," — ends with the words Mrs. Volobueva its appeal to head of state.

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