Reporter Iranian our radio service could leave Iran

In United States her family» I met the president and our radio Jeffrey Gedmin. Parnaz Asimov — a citizen of the United States and Iran, first, she went to Iran to visit ailing mother. January 25, Iranian authorities confiscated her passport. She returned the passport only on September 4. Meetings, Jeffrey Gedmin said:
"I and all the staff of Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty express our deep gratitude to all who strove for in Parnaz throughout this long tests. Many people in government and outside it, the Yankees, Iranians, Europeans also worked for her release. We attach your own voice to all those who ask for freedom of Iranian-American and Iranian prisoners of conscience in Iran. "
In May Parnaz was summoned to the prosecutor’s office, where he was accused of actions that undermine the national security of Iran, also in political propaganda against the Iranian country. It was Winter Work on "Radio Farda" — a cooperative project of our radio and "Voice of America". On the "Radio Farda", which broadcasts to Iran, Parnaz winter since 1998. She led the applets on the Persian history and literature, winter translated into Farsi 30 books with the British and French, in including and "old and the Sea" Hemingway.
She told prosecutors that "Radio Farda" transmits only announcements and information and is not engaged in any political activity. She was taken from a deposit of at least halfmillion bucks, bail her mother went home. In an interview our radio winter said that she was offered to announce his own resignation from the "Radio Farda", then all her problems could be solved. The journalist refused to September and could not leave Iran. Although now she and allowed to leave the country, the charge of anti-state activities with her has not been withdrawn.
Says her lawyer Mohammad Hussein Agassi:
"If it was a trivial case, without a political motive, the case would be closed for 4 months. But since this matter has political nuances and allegations made in the address Winter contained and international nuances, we can not make clear prophecies concerning how this case will be developed further, this is dependent on the international and political reasons. "
Three other people, which have South American and Iranian citizenship, to the nearest time were in the bullpen for the Iranian political objectives charges. One of them was released and got right off Iran, the other two remain in prison. The number of political prisoners there are actually dozens of Iranian people.
According to experts, business Winter Iranian authorities have sought to show and own society and the diaspora that at least some cooperation with the United States can cost them very dearly. Together with the fact assertive and broad campaign in support of Winter assured them that they got from this case all possible dividends and continued its contents would go to them in damages.

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