Reporters Without Borders: UN Council does not own work

According to "Reporters", "after, as the UN Council annulled the mandates of the Special Rapporteur on Belarus and Cuba — the worst violators of media freedom, the same tried to reach Sudan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Somalia and Burundi. "But the statement says, in all six countries, media rights are violated every day and without observing the situation-independent professionals work of the UN looks stupid. "Reporters" turning their attention, that a year earlier Rada issues Human Rights befitting replaced the UN Commission — the body that are very compromising himself.
International journalism organization is also concerned with the efforts of some countries, especially members of the Organization of Islamic Conference (ICO), "stifle freedom of expression in the name of respect for religion." "These aspirations are very unsafe, because in the end the media can deprive them of the main tasks — to inform the audience," — said in a statement.
In August, "Reporters Without Borders" opposed intentions Belarusian authorities make the conditions for restricting freedom of expression on the Web. Representatives of media organizations said that "the network is one of the few places where Belarusians can be free."
• "Reporters without borders" approach criticized House of Representatives to the media, 13.08.2007 • "Byelorussian the Web could face a slow death", 03.08.2007

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