Resumed tribunal on the former student of the Academy of Management under the President

According to Yuri Oleynik, the arbitrator took into account yagoguyu statement that prevented special background report for the meeting of certain witnesses and human rights activist Oleg Gulak.
Yuri says that in the presence of representatives of the Academy and the Cabinet Secretary OSCE Minsk he made a motion to adjourn the meeting for the coming days are.
"The arbitrator granted the motion, — says Yuri Aleynik. — The Tribunal will continue on September 5 in 15 hours. Meeting as many witnesses are called bureaucrats Academy of Management."
July 5 2007 Tribunal Kastrychnitski district of Minsk finished in considering personal grievance Yuri Oleynik according to claim 1 art.162 plainclothes Procedure.
August 6 2007 Minsk City absolutely Tribunal upheld the complaint to address the October district and remanded the case for retrial Yu.Aleynik the same tribunal.

Yuri Oleynik requests to declare illegal order of the rector of the Academy of Management under the President, with the number 239 from 15.05.2007. Under this order, excellent students expelled from the 4th year in a specialty "Public administration and economics." But Yuri Oleynik believes that the real reason for deductions — his plainclothes position and political views.

• Minsk City upheld the complaint student Yuri Aleynik, 06.08.2004

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