Revolution monks in Burma

Protesters sing songs, some chanting the slogan "We want dialogue," other vygukayuts "Democracy, democracy."
Yesterday demonstrations were held in 25 towns of the country, on the streets of the town naikrupneyshgo Burma Yangon left 50 thousand people. Authorities threatened to use force against demonstrators. Municipal media blame the organizers of the protest in an attempt to undermine stability in the country. State television transmits such statements such as:
"The group of internal and external destroyers, which intolerable peace, stability and development in Burma, provoking such incidents. They seek though by what means all damage, making government for the welfare of civilization. "
About Pagoda in Yangon, where protesters gather, there are now army trucks, the center of the town police patrol special department with batons and guns. But despite the intimidation now 10s of thousands of people took to the streets again.
Unrest in Burma began in August, when the government twice raised the price of fuel. But soon the protests have acquired a clear political character.
A unique feature of today’s Burmese protests was that their organizers and inspirers become Buddhist monks. Day before yesterday tyscha monks, protesters visited favorite State League for Democracy, Aung San Suu Kyi — Burmese opposition favorite, which since 2003 has been under house arrest. In 1990, the party of Aung San Suu Kyi defeated in the election, but the military junta that has ruled the state since 1962, annulled the election results.
Last Friday, the Alliance of Buddhist monks in Burma issued a statement in which the military administration of the country was called "enemies of the people" and expressed his intention to "wipe military dictatorship from the earth." On the background of such determination, many experts recall Burmese student protests in 1988, which were brutally suppressed, was thenabout three thousand people were killed. But at the moment the situation has changed. Officer says radio, which broadcasts in Burma from Sweden Hted Aung Kyaw
"Unlike 1988, the military regime currently hard to keep under control the movement of information. 19 years they controlled everything, and no one knew what’s happening Burma. But at the moment they can not manage it. "
Important factor of the situation is that priests and monks enjoy great respect in Burma. Authorities are wary to use force, limited hazards.
And yet there is a danger that in the end force will be used, as it was not time in the modern history of Burma. In this situation principled position is cerebral trading partner of Burma, China, which, however, has already stated that the unrest in Burma — internal affair of that country.
Prem» er Minister of England, Gordon Brown referred to actions in Burma example of what human rights are universal in nature and injustice can not last forever. Expected now U.S. President George W. Bush in his speech to the UN General Assembly to announce the new South American sanctions against the Burmese regime. U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice wants to reach the UN Security Council urgent action to address the situation in Burma.

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