Rights observers — no one sees or hears

These questions are answered by a human rights activist Valentin Stefanovich.
Tsigankov"The OSCE Mission said that the government so far not responded directly to what law will have its observers. Is there at the moment, when it is already the second day is a preliminary vote, accuracy and certainty as to what observers have the right to do? "

Valentin StefanovichStefanovic"The rights of observers regulated by article 13 of the Electoral Code, and there’s nothing new in this election is not. The only thing that power very specifically suited to this article, saying that the observers have the right to do just what it says. Although the principle should be working — what is not forbidden, it is possible. Because it turns out that the rights spelled out very foggy.
For example, the observer has the right to reside in the voting and counting of votes. But it is very vague phrase in which each sees what he wants to create. For example, the Commission, which have the right to determine the place where the observer may be, they say — you can be when counting votes, but sees himself counting watching virtually impossible. And it is a practice that in the last election has very vserasprostranenny temper. "
Tsigankov"In other words, there is no regulatory document that would define for how many meters from the Commission, which counts the votes,

Observers will have virtually no ability to actually build vote count.

may be watching, etc? "
Stefanovic"No. It could be dealt with CEC regulations. Incidentally, SLM offered at the time — more detail are evident, from what distance it can monitor and so on. But such a document is not, and the advice of the OSCE, which were made during the last elections, have not been made by the CEC. Because I would not be surprised that in this election observers will have virtually no ability to actually build vote count.
Can also be noted that on this day of all the previous steps have been virtually no supervisory role. The same verification of signatures passed without scrutiny. "
Tsigankov"Either the commission are different to the Belarusian and zabugornyh observers?"
Stefanovic"It depends. Basically to international tender are faster. ‘While we remember occasions when the German MP Uta Zapf withdrawn twice with police precincts.
There are problem is that the procedure is spelled out very foggy counting. If it was written that one person refers to the results and displays them — then observers would be easier. And so — no one sees, no one hears. "

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