On the Foreign Ministry website reported on November 6 that Moscow is not yet ready to supply Su-35 in China, now writes

The source noted that on this issue there is «some temporary technical problems», a decision which will claim 2-3 years. It remains unclear what are these difficulties directly.

Russian news agency ITAR-TASS reported that Moscow may be afraid of technology transfer Su-35, which are used in a fighter plane fifth generation T-50 PAKFA as «innovative». Another source reports that Our homeland and China are negotiating intensively on Su-35, but still can not agree in terms of «technical data». This source said that the Chinese side put forward additional requirements in terms of equipping the aircraft under the «Chinese standards», but also remains unclear what the configuration should be made in the design and equipment of a fighter.

Notes that the agreement will be signed in any case, because the political decision has been made. The deal to supply 24 aircraft can be concluded in 2014, the first aircraft could arrive in China first in 2015. Our homeland should also assist in the development of fighter aircraft maintenance center in China and learning Chinese professionals.

Right behind China Su-35 can be supplied to Vietnam, Indonesia and Venezuela.

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