Russian Air Force began to explore the newest fighter Su-35S

Russian Air Force began to explore the newest fighter Su-35S
The first group of pilots of the Russian Air Force began to develop a new multi-purpose fighter Su-35S. It is reported ARMS-TASS reported with reference to the representative of the Russian Defense Ministry on the Air Force Colonel Igor Klimov
«The first group of Russian Air Force pilots started development of the new Su-35s in the central officers’ course Municipal Center aviation personnel training and military trials Defense Ministry. It is more prepared pilots previously mastered several types of fighters, each of them has logged more than a thousand hours «, — told Klimov.

According to him, in the process of retraining officers studying aerodynamics and aircraft design and engine, its operation, aircraft and avionics, aircraft armament and sighting and navigation system. Increased attention to the study of new equipment — namely, the overall system management SIC-35, power plant, consisting of 2-new engines with high thrust and nozzles with thrust vector control, radar and control system with a phased antenna array.

Su-35S — deeply modernized functional maneuverable fighter 4 + + generation. Technology fifth generation provide it an advantage over similar class fighters. Plane substantially superior to flying and technical features were armed analogues and has more advanced avionics equipment. Thus, the properties of the Su-35S surpass those of all European tactical fighter generation 4 and 4 + type «Rafale» and «Typhoon», modernized American fighter aircraft F-15, F-16 and F-18 and allow fighters to successfully counteract the fifth generation For example, F-35 and F-22A.

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