Russian scientists form the shape of the aircraft of the future

Russian scientists form the shape of the aircraft of the future
Russian aviation science for 3 years to work out the country’s aircraft construction concept promising passenger aircraft.
This was said at the International Conference «Design and technology of production of non-metallic materials,» Executive Director of TsAGI im.Zhukovskogo Sergey Chernyshev. The event, organized by the holding «PT Himkompozit» involves more than 400 delegates from 50 huge Russian and foreign firms.

«Aviation science and technological society will be able to offer a design bureau and the aviation industry companies promising type of passenger aircraft. It will be all new materials and structures, avionics and engines — Chernyshev said. — The aircraft will be different from modern aircraft aerodynamic highest quality, fuel efficiency and low emissions and noise. Approximately 5-fold increase safety. «

According to the scientist, on the elaboration of technical aircraft type promising work with all head TsAGI aviation universities also Obninsk Research and Production Enterprise «Technology».

According to the forecast of TsAGI promising concept passenger aircraft and caused the aviation society will become clear as early as 2020 typical «technological bag», which are drawn from the new ideas and scientific knowledge are «research carried out within the framework of international cooperation,» said the representative of TsAGI.

Funding for the creation of a new aircraft anticipated by the Federal Program «Development of civilian aircraft.» Work on it conducted in TsAGI and head of aviation institutes. By role in the project are also invited individual businesses and universities with their RAS developments performed at their own expense, said Sergey Chernyshev.

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