S.Shushkevich: One representative of the Democratic Party on the 150 sites

Exemplary voters manifested first control-independent Belarus, ex-chairman of the Supreme Soviet, and now a candidate for the House of Representatives on Odintsovo constituency № 101 Minsk. Stanislav Shushkevich
On a plot in the community he came soon after its opening. However, it is recognized that reason — not a desire to quickly perform their own debt, and the need to out with the next lecture abroad. Even had to sacrifice rejoiced nephew.
In the near future sovereign Shushkevich partially ignored the political campaign. Does that mean its present role in the election, which is essentially akreslilasya liberalization of the electoral process?
"No, it does not mean anything. Since our party is involved in these elections (we now put 7 candidates), I was just embarrassed not to take this role. Though I personally think that it is waste of time." Reporter:
"What thoughts about the numbers of early voting?"
"You see, rigging will not only during early voting, and in other cases, as note: 152 polling stations, there is one representative of the democratic parties. Such is the madness never and nowhere else in the world. We lasts marasmic power and marasmic so called elections. no choice. There, results, which the authorities are able to do what ever. " Reporter:
"Europe in a certain sense disoriented these elections?"
"Europe has long been disoriented. There is very little understanding of what we have left. I remind you that before we stated that Russian Alliance finished existence, none other than the United States President George W. Bush a month before the Belovezhskaya agreements read: "America does not accept the division of the USSR", because he had no idea that it could do without blood. And now Europe is not very aware of the situation. Yesterday I spoke to the OSCE and European observers think not counting Poles, Czechs and Balts, as we call Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians, the other very poor understanding of what is happening . "
After that conversation Stanislav Shushkevich suspended group of employees of the election commission, which just went outside for a smoke. Began to greet the former speaker, and one said loudly: "Stanislav S., we remember you. Fortune for you!" Other accordance nodded. Another cognitive person at the polling stations was nedavneshny political prisoner number 1. Alexander Kozulin First he visited own site, and later watched as voted eldest daughter — Candidate for District Sukharev number 102 Minsk. Olga Kozulin

"Olga, Alexander Lukashenko — follower order to parliament as possible from the ladies. This can assist to you somehow?"
"I think I am not one of those ladies, whom he wants to build in the parliament. He wants to build adult age — quiet, measured, without the sanction that will not make a step to the right or to the left. Exactly I to this number does not belong . " Reporter:
"You, young lady, intentionally go into politics. This is a consequence of all that is associated with your dad?"
"2.5 years back, when he was put, it was a forced move. I had no choice, I had to rescue him, should help out our family. But when I was faced with the chaos that we have in Belarus, I realized : here or to live and fight, or leave. And since God gave us to live in this country in particular, means still need to live and fight. Especially since I’m young, I still have a lot of time. If you do not pass on this moment, I can go to the next election. "
At Alexander Kozulin, which impartial reasons were behind the next election campaign, I inquired whether he wants a political career for his daughter?

Olga Kozulin
The greatest presence of democratic parliamentary elections candidates provided plainclothes United Party — 18 people. The number could be even harder to five UCP members in protest symbol not previously weighed distance already in rank candidates.

Anatoly Lebedko with his son
  Favourite UCP Anatoly Lebedko
stands out and vote in the metropolitan district "Vesnysnka." By high school, where the polling station is stationed Staravilenski neighborhood number 105, special attention. Policemen here than in other places, they painstakingly labeled journalists do not allow grouped on the ground. Inflated care explained simply: the gymnasium trained Victoria Lukashenko — the granddaughter of country manager with nedavneshnego time to the same movie actress. For this reason, the collision with the administration of the gymnasium in Anatoly Lebedko began in the morning:
"There was an incident in the morning. Came headmaster — and the same high school special, then the best country kids are doing — and right at the beginning of my observers" straddle "I forbid you to, so you do assess how many people came and voted. I was just close and say, lady, I’m sorry, but who are you? She defiantly — director of the gymnasium. I say, you go too far, but why interfering with work? "school director and I have to supervise the procedure ‘. mon She can then be hostess and now, when the campaign goes, it should not be here in general. But such administrative resources comes even from the facility administration. " Reporter:
"A record number of early voting — expected?"

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