Saakashvili became a member of Lukashenka?

Alexander Lukashenko during negotiations with the Georgian guest said: "I am delighted now we have the opportunity to draw a line under a period of chaos, determining the level of our relations. "
The Belarusian leader noted that relationship between Belarus and Georgia have been different, but at the moment Minsk tuned "to different things with Georgian brothers", he wants to make the Belarusian side of the case "even the highest compared with the Russian period."
According to Interfax, the Minister Merabishvili gave Lukashenko "great greetings from President Saakashvili." "The official and unofficial level, our president emphasizes convergence, which is among you," — said the head of the Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs, referring to Lukashenko.
In turn, the Belarusian president, addressing the guests, noting that at the moment "We have developed very great case with your president, I think, without his consent would not be your visit to Minsk. Znamyanalnasts your arrival is that we are able to draw a line under what has been in our relationship. "
Not so long ago such a diplomatic initiative and these words could not even imagine for yourself. Minsk and Tbilisi fought tirelessly information war BT bogey Belarusians nightmare "Rose Revolution" in Georgia accused of training militants to overthrow the regime of Belarusian, Georgian youth activists deported from Belarus, Georgia threatened to impose visa sanctions against Belarusian managers. Coupled with the fact should be emphasized that certain line in relations with Georgia Belarusian authorities did not go: their contacts with the rebel Georgian autonomies were much more restrained than Moscow’s contacts, Belarus did not go for any Russian deportations of Georgian people, nor in large-scale economic sanctions against Tbilisi.
In addition, stringent energy conflicts as between Moscow and Minsk, and between Moscow and Tbilisi have indirectly contributed to the convergence of 2-governments, regardless of their geopolitical orientation reverse. Maybe for Lukashenko to improve relations with Saakashvili, very popular in the West, all of a sudden opens a channel of communication with the West. Sudden rapprochement between Minsk and Tbilisi we asked to comment on the famous Georgian politician, chairman of the Caucasian Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development nology nodes:
"For me, it is very suddenly, apparently, is behind this kind of political project, any idea related to Georgia’s relations with Russia or the West. One of the options: West makes some sense to have a conversation with Lukashenko by Saakashvili. Either Saakashvili has some plan, which is still difficult to comprehend.
It may be that as between Lukashenko and Russian affairs, speak out so not perfect, then Saakashvili is hoped that any issues can be energy, he there will be some common ground with Lukashenko. It can not be excluded. "

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