Scorpion light attack aircraft made its first flight

Scorpion light attack aircraft made its first flight
Hopefully Scorpion light attack December 12, 2013 completed the first flight, said the South American consortium Textron AirLand. The plane took off from the airfield U.S. Air Force base, «McConnell» in Wichita Kansas. In total, the first flying gunship, a recognized best, lasted 1.4 hours, reports
Aircraft operated test pilot Dan Hinson, who said that, the flight was absolutely in accordance with the plan. The main purpose of the first flight was to test the Scorpion maneuvering characteristics and maneuverability at low speeds, especially when landing.
Other details not specified tests gunship. In the next test will be to inspect the plane crashes already on huge heights and speeds. With all this Scorpion will rise into the air with a different set of avionics.
Ground tests promising gunship conducted from late November 2013. Plane was jogging on the runway at the airport in Wichita Textron. Development of the aircraft being a consortium of companies and Textron AirLand Enterprises.
The project also participates Cessna, assembles prototype gunship, which is positioned as a much more affordable candidacy assault aircraft A-10 Thunderbolt II fighter-bombers and F-15E Strike Eagle.
Assessment Textron AirLand, in a new plane largely used commercial technologies, including engines, which are similar to those installed on ordinary business jets. Thanks to these technical solutions Scorpion price will not exceed 20 million dollars. With all of this price 1 hour flight will be only three thousand bucks.
For comparison, one A-10, the creation of which collapsed in 1984, worth about 12 million dollars (27 million dollars at the exchange rate in 2013). Price hour flight it is 13 thousand dollars. Length of the new two-seater attack aircraft is 13.3 meters and a wingspan — 14.4 meters. Most take-off weight of 9.6 tons.
According to the design calculations, attack will be able to reach a speed of 833 kilometers per hour and do fly a distance of up to 4.4 thousand km.Scorpion will develop a six suspension points for missiles and bombs total weight up to 2.8 tons.

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