«Scorpion» will be the cheapest tactical combat aircraft in the world

Company Textron Inc. merged with AirLand Enterprises for the creation of a new jet aircraft tactical Scorpion, which should be the most readily available at cost in its class in the world, reports now flightglobal.com.

First flight, «Scorpio», which should make the intelligence function and attack aircraft, expected later this year. R & D to create it began in January 2013. «Scorpion» is designed for tough restrictions cheap U.S. and partner countries, according to its features correspond to planes, was the Air Force National Guard USA. The aircraft has a wing span of 14.4 m, the fuselage is completely made of composite materials, has an internal weapons bays and wing pylons for suspension of guided and unguided munitions.

«Textron» is not exactly the price of the aircraft, but it will be in a couple of times lower than those available. «Scorpions» may be in demand in the Air Force of poor nations, which seek out the substitution of obsolete South American and Russian fighters.

Production costs have been minimized by the use of systems designed for business jet aircraft company Cessna, very unified technological and manufacturing processes. «Scorpion» resettled with 2 turbojet engines with a thrust of 8,000 pounds (35.6 kN, or about 3600 kg).

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