September 17, 1939: a historical phenomenon

Tsigankov "How can evaluate the September 17, 1939 based on the current beliefs, with viewpoint Belarusian history and independence? "
Kishtyms "truly historic event, but on the other hand, it has a historical phenomenon. During 1-x, after September, or rather, in October 1939, the territory of Belarus was the country of this size, as it was never later. In -2, it is worth remembering that the National Assembly, which daluchuv West Belarus took place in Bialystok. So makarom, we lost this city, the capital of Western Belarus. And this second historical phenomenon. "
Tsigankov: "It is natural that in Poland today evaluated quite differently, for their tragic stories this page. Can there be some compromise here, Dialogue 2-inverse approaches? "
Kishtyms: "If we are talking about historical memory, the Poles should keep in mind that one side, Stalin, as they say they are, in 1939, Poland has selected something. But on the other hand, later, after the war, he returned them something, and not only Belarusian lands Bialystok, but they got out of the hands of Stalin and East Prussia, and new lands to the west.
Poland is more like the Poles? August 1939 with its eastern border, or the current western border of Poland? And if you start to audit the first months of the second World War I, when it comes to revision and the last months of the war. And here and Germany can tell his word. What then shall we do? … "

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