Serial production of carrier-based fighters J-15 began in China

Serial production of carrier-based fighters J-15 began in China
Chinese aircraft enterprises Shenyang Aircraft Corporation has started mass production of new carrier-based fighters J-15, which is planned to equip the aircraft carrier air group «Liaoning» and promising aircraft carriers.
As reported with reference to the Chinese edition of People’s Daily, delivery of the first production aircraft to the Chinese Navy aircraft have already been held. Development of the aircraft was carried out with the second half of the 2000s.
Details on the serial production of the aircraft are not specified. Namely, it is not clear exactly how much fighters like J-15 is planned to be built for the Chinese Navy.
In China’s first aircraft carrier air group «Liaoning», which at the end of November 2013 went on a long swim in the South China Sea can go 54 aircrafts. Of their 30 — Decked aircraft.
First flight of a fighter J-15 took place in August 2009. Presumably, the plane is a modified copy of the Russian carrier-based fighter Su-33, made on the basis of layout T-10K-3, which was bought from Ukraine in 2005.
Namely, the Chinese Navy Fighter borrowed at the layout of the Su-33 airframe and wing folding technology. In December 2012, Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yanshen China said that J-15 is a self-development.
According Yanshena, despite the external similarity, at J-15 are quite Chinese onboard systems development and production. Plane resettled WS-10 engines. Earlier, several Chinese media reported that a new carrier-based fighter is created on the basis of J-11B (a modified copy of the Russian Su-27) and differs from it tselnopovorotnym front canards and a set of on-board equipment.
J-15 built under the scheme integral triplane. Technical details are unknown until the plane. Su-33, which served as the basis for the creation of the Chinese aircraft, capable of speeds up to 2.3 thousand kilometers per hour and fly a distance of up to 3 thousand kilometers. Fighter armed with 30-millimeter cannon and has 12 points of the suspension arms for a total weight of up to 6.5 tons.

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